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Film Fixed Resistor

NSN: 5905-00-006-5575 | Model: H8 9K09 1%50PPM

A resistor whose ohmic value cannot be adjusted or varied. The resistance element consists of either a thin layer of conductive material, containing either binders or insulating materials, deposited on an insulated form; or an alloy of metal and ceramic materials, usually fused to an insulated form. Opposition to the flow of current is an inherent property of the materials used and is manifest by the heat dissipation in the resistor. See also attenuator, fixed and resistor, fixed, composition. Excludes carbon composition type resistors.


Body diameter: 0.125, electrical resistance: 9.09 kilohms

NSN Properties and Flags
NATO Stock Number
Temperature Coefficient Of Resistance In Ppm Per Degree Celsius
-50 to 50
Electrical Resistance
9.09 kilohms
Resistance Tolerance In Percent
-1 to 1
Ambient Temperature In Degree Celsius At Full Rated Power
Ambient Temperature In Degree Celsius At Zero Percent Rated Power
Temperature Range Of Temperature Coefficient In Degree Celsius
-55 to 175
Inclosure Method
Terminal Type
Wire lead
1276 Wire Lead Type Designator Std Mil
Reliability Indicator
Reliability Failure Rate Level In Percent
Body Diameter
0.125 inches
Body Length
0.375 inches
Power Dissipation Rating In Watts
0.125 free air
Unpackaged Unit Weight
0.45 grams
Style Designator
Axial terminal each end
Test Data Document
81349-mil-r-55182 specification (includes engineering type bulletins, brochures,etc., that reflect specification type data in specification format; excludes commercial catalogs, industry directories, and similar trade publications, reflecting general type
Specification/standard Data
81349-mil-r-55182/3 government specification

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NSN 5905-00-006-5575 Datasheet

Supply Class (FSC):
Cross Reference:
  • H8 9K09 1%50PPM
  • MEA9090-0P0RM1PC
  • CEAT-09.09K0HMP0RM1P
  • MEA9090-0P0RM1PCTT2
  • RNC60H9091FP
  • RNC60H9091FS
  • MIL-R-55182/3
  • 937-217-4909
  • 853530-239
  • 1649-157
  • 26516672-87
  • C4T-09.09K0HMP0RM1PC
  • MF4C1/8T0-9091-F
  • 0757-0288
  • PME60T2-9.09K1PCT
  • CMF-1/10-329.09K0HMP
  • DCS12X012J91000F
  • MF6CD9101F
  • 900031-9091
  • RSS954151-18-9091
  • 0727-0153
  • RNR60H9091FM
  • RNC60H9091FM
  • 10120173
Cage Codes:
  • Tyco Electronic Components Ltd (CAGE K2510)
  • Trw Inc (CAGE 07716)
  • Military Specifications (CAGE 81349)
  • Northrop Grumman Systems Corporation (CAGE 95542)
  • 3 Communications Corporation L (CAGE 06141)
  • Woodward, Inc. (CAGE 31361)
  • Hamilton Sundstrand Corporation (CAGE 99167)
  • Corning Glass Works (CAGE 14674)
  • North American Philips Corp (CAGE 19701)
  • Packard Company Hewlett (CAGE 28480)
  • Aeroflex Control Components, Inc. (CAGE 64537)
  • Vishay Dale Electronics, Llc (CAGE 91637)
  • Northrop Grumman Systems Corporation (CAGE 06481)
  • Keysight Technologies, Inc. (CAGE 1LQK8)
  • Nimikkeistokeskus Ncb Finland (CAGE A486G)
  • 5905-00-006-5575 replaces 5905-00-080-3668
  • 5905-00-006-5575 replaces 5905-00-146-2368
  • 5905-00-006-5575 replaces 5905-00-194-0489
  • 5905-00-006-5575 replaces 5905-00-474-2080
  • 5905-00-006-5575 replaces 5905-00-901-0423
  • 5905-00-006-5575 replaces 5905-01-056-8221
Schedule B & Trade:
  • Schedule B: 8533100042 (NAICS 334416)

    Fixed carbon resistors, composition or film type, designed for surface mounting, having two terminals

  • SITC: 77231

    Fixed carbon electrical resistors, composition or film types

  • End Use: 20005

    Electric apparatus


N - Indicates there is no data in the hmirs and the nsn is in a fsc not generally suspected of containing hazardous materials.


A - Item does not contain precious metal.


B - Represents items with esd sensitivity.


- Represents items with no adp components


- The item does not have a nuclear hardened feature or any other critical feature such as tolerance, fit restriction or application.

Freight Information:
  • NMFC:

    062960 - Reostats/parts noi

  • TCC:

    3 - Electrostatic sensitive device (esd)

  • WCC:

    658 - Electrical appliances, small

  • SHC:

    9 - Other or no special handling required (sh)

  • ADC:

    A - Shipment is not a consolidation and does not exceed 84 inches in any dimension.

  • ACC:

    H - Instruments/equipment/supplies for radio, communications, electrical, laboratory, etc. (includes signal corps)

  • LTL:

    P - 77.5

NSN Management Codes:
  • SOS
  • AAC
  • Quantity per pack
  • Unit of Measure
  • Shelf Life
  • Classification Control
  • Repariability
    This is a nonreparable item. if condemned or economically unserviceable, then dispose at the level authorized replace the item.

Questions & Answers:

What are the historical prices recorded for this stock number?
Historical data shows pricing from $0.61 to $1.01..
Does NSN 5905-00-006-5575 have a shelf life?
No. There is no shelf life applicable for this NSN.
What NATO entities are users of this NSN?
Department Of The Army, Department Of The Air Force, National Security Agency, U.s. Marine Corps, Department Of The Navy, National Aeronautics and Space Administration, National Aeronautics and Space Administration, Finland, Poland, Brazil, Spain, Taiwan, Province Of China, Kuwait, Malaysia, Thailand, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, France, Germany, Republic Of Korea, Netherlands, Portugal, Italy, Denmark, Greece, Turkey, and Nato Maintenance and Supply Agency
What is the NIIN of NSN 5905-00-006-5575?
000065575 or 00-006-5575
Does NSN 5905-00-006-5575 require demilitarization?
Yes - ITAR Controlled
What is the most recent solicitation for NSN 5905-00-006-5575?
No solicitations for this NSN.
When was this national stock number assigned to the federal catalog?
Jun 23, 1972