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Cartridge And Propellant Actuated Devices And Components

Description National Stock Number (NSN) Part Number(s)
Guillotine Assy 1377-00-003-1498 MB200-438  
Firing Mechanism Housing 1377-00-003-6441 5K86-0049-1  
Delay Cartridge 1377-00-003-7269 11738735   CCU18B   1377-M289  
Locking Assembly Female 1377-00-004-2910 SK86-0179-1  
Breech Body Assembly 1377-00-004-2925 MB300-38  
Escapement Rocket 1377-00-004-2954 MB300-658   MBEU300-658  
Detonator Unit Assy 1377-00-004-4229 B284587  
Initiator Connector 1377-00-004-4836 MB300-968  
Rocket Firing Unit 1377-00-004-4842 MB300-1200  
Mounting Plate 1377-00-004-4897 MB300-977  
Cylinder Barrel 1377-00-004-9960 MB200-474  
Guild Pipe Assembly 1377-00-004-9962 MB300-1059  
Firing Pin Assembly 1377-00-004-9963 MB300-33  
Firing Pin Unit 1377-00-004-9964 MBEU38669  
Thread Locking Assembly 1377-00-004-9999 SK86-0178-3   SK86-0178-1  
Gun And Guide Rail 1377-00-005-0009 MB300-1097   A51D9000-115  
Time Release Cross Beam 1377-00-005-0010 MB300-814  
Catapult Trombone Assembly 1377-00-005-5622 472P335D300-1  
Shaft Subassembly 1377-00-005-5628 MB300-459  
Firing Trip Rod Assembly 1377-00-005-5629 MB300-906  
Rocket Cap 1377-00-005-5631 MB300-983  
Shear Band 1377-00-005-5660 SK86-0070-1  
Catapult Tube Assembly 1377-00-005-5670 472P305E001-1  
Catapult Tube Assembly 1377-00-005-5671 472P305E001-3  
Reel Guillotine Assembly 1377-00-006-0493 472P480D010-1  
Ejection Seat Rod Assembly 1377-00-006-4552 4822258-1  
Piston Spreading Gun Retainer 1377-00-006-4564 SK86-0097-1  
Impulse Cartridge 1377-00-006-7878 772AS200   1377-M647  
Cartridge Actuated Initiator 1377-00-006-7879 834AS100   ECS4109   1377-M596  
Cartridge Actuated Initiator 1377-00-006-7880 834AS150   ECS4108   1377-M597  
Rocket Motor 1377-00-006-7881 472V420D001-1   472X495D001   1377-M744  
Rocket Motor 1377-00-006-7883 673AS100   1377-M743  
Catapult Cartridge 1377-00-006-7884 472P320E001-1   772AS100  
Firin Tube Assembly 1377-00-006-9968 MBEU50085  
Trombone Assembly C 1377-00-006-9986 472P335D300-2  
Plate Flange 1377-00-007-1465 MB300-1198  
Firing Pin Assembly 1377-00-007-1490 SK86-0173-4  
Electrical Ignition Element 1377-00-007-4880 9249028   1377-MF94  
Shear Band Housing 1377-00-007-5713 SK86-0062-1  
Interlock Cam Assembly 1377-00-007-8654 0113334-01