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Truck And Tractor Attachments

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Description National Stock Number (NSN) Part Number(s)
Line Actuating Cylinder Assembly 3830-00-414-9995 G101229   G34344  
Road Sweeper Magnet 3830-00-071-1225 MILM82023   TRMP12-96  
Trencher Ar 3830-01-561-7949 233-2350  
Tractor Mount Power Control Unit 3830-00-227-6174 R7  
Truck Mounting Earth Auger 3830-00-010-8142 270   MIL-A-516  
Tractor Mount Power Control Unit 3830-00-227-6164 24  
Cable Reel Holder 3830-01-506-8307 983-WH11-008  
Swing Valve Assy Section 3830-00-395-6662 G100185  
Brushcutter Chipper 3830-01-037-8354 PT540  
Tractor Mounting Crane 3830-00-240-7637 HYSTAWAYHW  
Linear Actuating Cylin Parts Kit 3830-01-044-6699 LC-651867  
Linear Actuating Cylin Parts Kit 3830-01-044-5310 LC-654023  
Linear Actuating Cylin Parts Kit 3830-01-044-5309 LC-651769  
Linear Actuating Cyli Piston Rod 3830-00-397-6023 G33475  
Linear Actuating Cylin Parts Kit 3830-01-110-7348 AR88710   AR103297  
Aggregate Spreader 3830-00-434-8545 SC504  
Moldboard Cutting Edge 3830-00-594-0157 P21569R  
Moldboard End Bit 3830-00-915-1765 60045M11  
Moldboard Cutting Edge 3830-00-066-8793 29561   195983H1   DRILF085  
Moldboard Cutting Edge 3830-00-227-0491 MS35465-3   MILC20704  
Tractor Mounting Crane 3830-00-663-4012 PD4  
Boom Valve Assy 3830-00-395-6643 G100186   G33119  
Moldboard End Bit 3830-00-915-1770 60046M31   60046M11  
Moldboard Cutting Edge 3830-00-066-8777 29565   195690H1   DR1DC084   195960  
Moldboard Cutting Edge 3830-00-893-4176 MS39103-1  
Moldboard Cutting Edge 3830-00-164-8486 16451   31J16451   22175  
Moldboard End Bit 3830-00-127-8376 CS3830-0003PC1   C2583  
Moldboard End Bit 3830-00-127-8377 CS3830-0003PC2   CS3830-0003   C2584   VD0358  
Moldboard End Bit 3830-00-162-6498 C2631   VD366  
Moldboard End Bit 3830-00-162-6721 C1953  
Moldboard End Bit 3830-00-847-3384 619577C1   33-619577C1   IPD619577C1   289966R2  
Pulley Shaft 3830-00-606-3421 3F8788  
Moldboard End Bit 3830-00-426-5068 1-3J2463   9J-6583-P   IPD1-3J2463   IPD3J2463   IPD4F6889  
4F6889   3J-2463-R.H.  
Moldboard End Bit 3830-00-425-5935 619575C1   342395R1   LA2789SL   IPD619575C1   CE-16534  
Moldboard End Bit 3830-00-862-0357 619573C1   33-299582R2   IPD299582R2   299582R2  
Moldboard End Bit 3830-01-163-0906 106910   48670  
Moldboard End Bit 3830-00-893-4178 2R752LH   2   2R752   MS39104-1L  
Moldboard Cutting Edge 3830-00-459-6677 6D1904   IPD6D1904  
Moldboard End Bit 3830-01-163-0907 4T3052   48671  
Moldboard Cutting Edge 3830-00-127-8387 VD2075   LT1-10015   E3870