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Fittings For Rope, Cable, And Chain

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NSN 7025-01-068-3280 Display Panel

P-3 aircraft , test system analog ANUSM449 fsc application data, as differentiated by the source control dwg no. Reference number differentiating characteristics

Description National Stock Number (NSN) Part Number(s)
Swaging Rope Terminal 4030-00-171-2088 123CM10036-1  
Shackle 4030-00-253-6405 D7342-1  
Shackle 4030-00-377-1206 MILS24214  
Shackle 4030-00-865-7907 134WM10103-1  
Swaging Rope Terminal 4030-00-091-0800 A51C32513-1  
Rope Thimble 4030-01-533-5239 G-411-1037390   G-411-3/4  
Shackle 4030-01-495-9583 G-210   RR-C-271,TYIVB,GRA,CLII   RR-C-271   1019258   G210-5/8IN  
Stud Wire Rope Terminal 4030-00-580-6775 669-9LH   MS21260-9LH   MILT781   21260-9LH   NAS650L9LH   AN669-9LH   AN669F9LH  
Shackle 4030-01-477-0294 RR-C-271 TY IV CL 4   7357969   7357960  
Stud Wire Rope Terminal 4030-00-580-6777 MS21260-8LH   MILT781   21260-8LH   NAS650L8LH   669-8LH   2049219-80D8L   AN669-8LH   AN669F8LH  
Shackle 4030-00-377-1327 RR-C-271-D   MILS24214  
Stud Wire Rope Terminal 4030-00-132-9196 MS21259-5RH   MIL-DTL-781   2049216-34A5R   666-5RH   AN666-5RH   AN666F5RH  
Hoist Hook 4030-00-497-7203 2614821-4  
Stud Wire Rope Terminal 4030-00-580-6783 MS21260S6RH   MIL-DTL-781   2049220-46DS6R   650S6RH  
NAS65DS6RH   AN669FS6RH   AN669S6RH  
Stud Wire Rope Terminal 4030-00-580-6785 MS21260L5RH   650L5RH   2049219-32D5R  
669L5RH   NAS65DL5RH   AN669FL5RH  
Stud Wire Rope Terminal 4030-00-580-6787 669S5RH   MS21260S5RH   MILT781   650S5RH   69S5RH  
NAS650S5RH   2049220-32DS5R   66PS5RH   NAS65DS5RH   AN669FS5R   AN669FS5RH   AN669S5RH  
Stud Wire Rope Terminal 4030-00-580-6778 MS21260-7LH   MIL-DTL-781   NAS650L7LH   MILT781   669-7LH   AN666-7LH   AN669-7LH  
Stud Wire Rope Terminal 4030-00-580-6782 MS21260S6LH   650S6LH   669S6LH   NAS650S6LH   NAS65DS6LH   AN669FS6LH   AN669S6LH  
Stud Wire Rope Terminal 4030-00-580-6793 MS21260S3LH   650SLH   65196   669S3LH   NAS650S3LH   2049220-16DS3L   AN669FS3LH   AN669S3LH   650S3LH  
Stud Wire Rope Terminal 4030-00-580-6797 MS21260S2LH   DTL-781   2049220-16DS2L   669S2LH  
NAS650S2LH   2049220-8DS3L   9S2LH   6026-8398-3   6026-8401-3  
AN669FS2LH   AN669S2LH  
Eye And Jaw Swivel 4030-01-480-3112 6375146-13   6375146  
Stud Wire Rope Terminal 4030-00-580-6779 669-7RH   MS212607RH   MILT781   NAS650L7RH   AN669-7RH   AN669F7RH  
Hoist Hook 4030-01-068-4689 2614821-6  
Stud Wire Rope Terminal 4030-00-580-6780 MS21260L6LH   MS21260   650L6LH   669L6LH  
AN669L6LH   2049219-46D6L   NAS65DL6LH   AN669FL6LH  
Stud Wire Rope Terminal 4030-00-132-9199 MS21259-4RH   666-4RH   2049216-34A4R   AN666-4RH   AN666F4RH  
Stud Wire Rope Terminal 4030-00-132-9191 MS21259-8RH   MIL-DTL-781   21259-8RH   66608RH   666-8RH   AN666-8RH   AN666F8RH  
Stud Wire Rope Terminal 4030-00-580-6772 MS21260-10RH   669-10RH   NAS650-10R  
AN669-10RH   AN669F10RH  
Stud Wire Rope Terminal 4030-00-132-9194 666-6RH   MS21259-6RH   2049216-46A6R   AN666F6R   AN666F6RH  
Stud Wire Rope Terminal 4030-00-132-9189 MS21259-9RH   21259-9RH   666-9RH  
AN666-9RH   AN666F9RH  
Stud Wire Rope Terminal 4030-00-132-9215 MS21260S4RH   650S4RH   669S4RH   2049220-24SR  
669SHRH   NAS650S4RH  
AN669FS4RH   AN669S4RH  
Stud Wire Rope Terminal 4030-00-132-9197 MS21259-5LH   666-5LH   2049216-34A56   AN666-5LH  
Stud Wire Rope Terminal 4030-00-132-9192 666-8LH   MS21259-8LH   21259-8LH   66608LH   AN666-8LH   AN666F8LH  
Stud Wire Rope Terminal 4030-00-132-9203 MS21259-3RH   666-3RH   2049216-21A3R   EFS24ANZD  
Stud Wire Rope Terminal 4030-00-132-9204 MS21259-4LH   2049216-34A4L   666-4LH   AN666-4LH   AN666F4LH  
Stud Wire Rope Terminal 4030-00-132-9201 MS21259-2RH  
666-2RH   6026-8411-2   2049216-10A2R   1T9-2   AN666-2RH   AN666F2RH  
Stud Wire Rope Terminal 4030-00-132-9202 MS21259-3LH   666-3LH   2049216-21A3L   AN666-3LH   AN666F3LH  
Stud Wire Rope Terminal 4030-00-132-9200 MS21259-2LH   66602LH   2049216-10A2L   666-2LH   1T9-3   AN666-2LH  
Stud Wire Rope Terminal 4030-01-445-6087 MS21259F3RH  
Stud Wire Rope Terminal 4030-00-580-6792 MS21260S3RH   MIL-DTL-781   650S3RH   669S3RH  
MS21260   21260-S3RH   MILT781   2049220-16DS3R  
AN669FS3RH   AN669S3RH   NAS650S3RH  
Shackle 4030-00-373-0997 RR-C-271-TY IVB,GR B,CL 2,? IN   RR-C-271   MILS24214