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NSN 7025-01-068-3280 Display Panel

P-3 aircraft , test system analog ANUSM449 fsc application data, as differentiated by the source control dwg no. Reference number differentiating characteristics

Description National Stock Number (NSN) Part Number(s)
Electric Water Heater 4410-01-464-9570 1-UHH-5-440-17IC   1-UHH-5-440-171C-LT-Y3   9325C08-1560-01  
Steam-hot Water Hea Water Heater 4410-01-458-9067 HWG-700V   AWG-700V   B292-11  
Electric Water Heater 4410-01-083-2533 C-15  
Immer Electrical Heating Element 4410-01-470-0024 D4W-1151   TH-8381-21  
Electric Water Heater 4410-01-281-1132 CC-15   CC-15-380V50HZ3PH  
Immer Electrical Heating Element 4410-01-275-9094 724XQ0093   72-10127-41-1  
Electric Water Heater 4410-01-196-4852 CC-12/480V  
Steam-hot Water Hea Water Heater 4410-00-271-9898 406418  
Electric Water Heater 4410-01-557-3028 C-12/480V/3PHASE UNIT  
Electric Water Heater 4410-01-510-4284 DRE-80-24  
Electric Water Heater 4410-01-293-9376 DSE-120   DSE-120-30  
Liquid Fuel Water Heater 4410-00-008-8896 NA135  
Feed Assembly 4410-01-087-7929 1628F PIECE 535   628FPC5352T05366   1628F PIECE 5352 TO 5366  
Electric Water Heater 4410-01-262-1308 C-9-208V  
High Pressure Steam Boiler 4410-01-505-0893 ES18M  
Electric Water Heater 4410-01-293-9375 C-4-240V  
Electric Water Heater 4410-01-436-4610 1192-1  
Electric Water Heater 4410-01-297-1654 C-9-480V  
Electric Water Heater 4410-01-230-9084 MIL-H-43895  
Electric Water Heater 4410-01-201-8300 DSE-100-15  
Electric Water Heater 4410-01-214-3958 3E128  
Steam-hot Water Hea Water Heater 4410-00-355-5295 NY111244-2   2106MT   AD26S4804-588774   AD2654804-588774  
Steam-hot Water Hea Water Heater 4410-00-358-2017 235-675   235-439   CVB43S4804-558855ALT3  
Electric Water Heater 4410-01-151-4007 DSE-10-6  
Steam-hot Water Hea Water Heater 4410-00-358-2015 3317394   423-484-61   498635  
Electric Water Heater 4410-01-447-2310 DSE-80-36   DSE-80-36 480V 3PHASE  
Electric Water Heater 4410-01-430-2742 20030T4   SH200-30-STCNT4   66-217  
Electric Water Heater 4410-01-201-8301 C-7-480V-3PH   C7-05-03-070   CC-7-480V-3PH  
High Pressure Steam Boiler 4410-00-404-5527 MILB17228  
Electric Water Heater 4410-01-447-2379 DSE-30-15   DSE-30-15 480V 3PHASE  
Superheater Indicator Unit 4410-00-388-6762 021-104502   021-100912   939420-01   EL20805   EL21325-11  
High Pressure Steam Boiler 4410-00-277-3139 MILB12429  
Electric Water Heater 4410-01-367-8261 SH200-0-55CST4   SH200-0-55ST4   90-2455 REV 8   SH200-0-55CS+H  
Immer Electrical Heating Element 4410-00-536-4985 ARTM1000LT120VAC   516268-1   M5074-001  
Soot Blower Element 4410-00-203-2700 A-0-17454-S   11653   SK17454-3   11653-SELMT1  
Immer Electrical Heating Element 4410-01-509-0821 723XU132751   L723N1:E19874-B-B P/N723XU132751   L723N1:E19874-B-B  
High Pressure Steam Boiler 4410-00-889-9527 MILB17452  
High Pressure Steam Boiler 4410-00-889-9529 MILB17452  
Immer Electrical Heating Element 4410-01-305-9776 S010AL33-020EP-0611   OL18201-68-EP  
Refractory Mould Assembly 4410-00-929-8726 37468M5-2-55   M5-2-55   D-42085 PC107   N47517PC107