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Hose, Pipe, Tube, Lubrication, And Railing Fittings

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NSN 4730-00-034-7339 Pipe To Hose Tee

Beaded (hose) 1ST end connection style, 2.812" 2ND end leg length, threaded internal pipe 3RD end connection type, 0.500" 3RD end thread size

NSN 4730-00-034-6253 Hose Clamp

5.875" inside diameter, 550.0 degrees Fahrenheit temp rating, 0.625" width, self-locking hexagon nut , steel material, QQ-N-281, cl a federal specification single material response material document and classification

NSN 4730-00-034-5631 Tube To Hose Straight Adapter

Beaded (hose) 2ND end connection style, unthreaded external hose 2ND end connection type, 1.250" 2ND end inside diameter hose accommodated

NSN 4730-00-034-5482 Flared Tube Fitting Conical Seal

Not casehardened casehardening indicator, 0.654" hose/tube outside diameter for which designed, nickel copper alloy material, nickel alloy material

NSN 4730-00-034-5024 Tube To Hose Straight Adapter

2B 1ST end thread class, gripping nipple (nose) 2ND end connection style, threaded external hose gripping 2ND end connection type

NSN 4730-00-034-4765 Sediment Strainer Element

Boat, bridge, erection , perforated filtering media design, rectangular w/ or w/o mtg holes (incl square) (basically flat)

NSN 4730-00-034-4120 Nose Gear Piston Plug

52N aircraft, sky hawk A-4

Description National Stock Number (NSN) Part Number(s)
Pipe To Tube Tee 4730-01-485-4574 MS51511-B24   MS51511  
Tube To Boss Tee 4730-01-196-3901 AS1003   AS1003J121004   LER804J121004   ER804J121004  
Tube To Boss Tee 4730-00-409-8798 CVC4290J12  
Packing Nut 4730-01-138-9115 803-1197214 ITEM 27   1197214-27   803-F-1197214 ITEM 27   803 F 1197214  
Tube Tee 4730-00-328-4978 GA7401F060608   US1120F060608   DLG216F060608   2-02275F060608   4671135F060608  
Tube Tee 4730-01-145-1872 NAS1764   AS18280   NAS1764D100812  
Tube Tee 4730-01-590-0212 SAE AS4410A   SAE AS4841   AS4410W202016  
Fluid Passage Bolt 4730-00-628-7972 537034-2  
Self-sealing Coupling Assembly 4730-00-039-9775 155-6   7955581  
Tube To Boss Straight Adapter 4730-00-226-6772 6HA793   MS51520A8S   7403497-8   7-445-080825  
102-0322   2041-8-8S   2041T-8-8S   10503899  
8WBTX-SS   8WTX-WLN-SS   8-8 070601SA   J514   2041-8-8C   8WTXSS   52774AX   J832-8SS  
Tube Tee 4730-01-065-0806 NAS1763D080808  
Tube Cross 4730-01-229-9684 BACC27X   AFP343M06040406   BACC27X06040406   N30827X06040406   AP1011M06040406  
4680056X06040406   FER1684M06040406   DBOC27X06040406  
Fluid Passage Bolt 4730-00-537-2805 66-1103  
Quick Disconne Coupling Assembly 4730-00-580-7697 015529-8D  
Pipe Bushing 4730-00-223-7075 AS4861D06   AN912-6D   3152-1 1-8-1-2D   AS4842   MIL-F-5509  
Fluid Passage Bolt 4730-00-115-2400 NAS1236-4H  
Tube Tee 4730-01-069-7697 MIL-F-18280   21T191D8-4-8  
Flange To Hose Straight Adapter 4730-01-119-6900 MIL-H-24136   FC9568-4048-188   FC9568-4048-189  
Tube To Boss Tee 4730-00-814-8454 MS24388-6  
Pipe To Tube Tee 4730-01-003-5516 MS51818-16   MIL-F-18866   16SBU-S   16-16-16 080402   J514  
J514 16-16-16 080402  
Fluid Passage Bolt 4730-01-173-1223 4648136  
Fluid Passage Bolt 4730-00-625-7968 105-02109   105-01714   3-01084   105-0174  
Tube Tee 4730-01-065-0805 NAS1763-060604  
Fluid Passage Bolt 4730-01-207-3679 75A430684-2001   75A430684  
Tube Elbow 4730-00-027-1825 903423C1   C5525X12   MS51507A12   2043-12-12S  
12WEBTXS   12-12-070701CA   J514  
Fluid Passage Bolt 4730-00-348-7000 6-83543-3  
Flange To Tube Elbow 4730-00-436-3185 11647115  
Pipe Bushing 4730-00-194-0204 AS4842   AS4861D01   7610265   AN912-1D  
0S025366   12Z6179-1   3152-1 1-8-1-4D   S272-1154P14   MIL-F-5509  
Tube To Boss Cross 4730-01-259-5531 640-1455-001   640-1455  
Fluid Passage Bolt 4730-00-890-7947 1526-31A  
Tube To Boss Tee 4730-00-640-5119 MS21910D12   ER783D12  
Tube To Boss Tee 4730-00-203-0582 MS24388-5   AN783-5  
Pipe Bushing 4730-00-186-3027 A-A59616-BDQBCEB   A-A59616   9639   111-3423   144040  
181M3-4X1-4GALV   F3296966PIECE628   0901840-9  
1531   WWP471   WWP471-BDQBCEB  
Swivel Flange T Straight Adapter 4730-00-541-3237 MS27232-40AA   MIL-DTL-5070   9844-40D   MS27232-40  
Sediment Strainer 4730-01-510-3685 801-6405539   556-7068369-F106   DF2300-4423 ASSY 84   H793-1107-F106   6405539  
Tube To Boss Straight Adapter 4730-00-226-6775 J514   16WGTXSS   16-WTX-WLN-SS   16WBTXSS   320924 PC63  
16-16 070601SA  
Tube To Boss Tee 4730-01-453-2035 AS1001   AS18280   AS1001W121204  
Pipe To Tube Tee 4730-00-409-8748 8-8-8SBU-SS   MS51818-10SS   MILF18866   8-8 080425SA   J514   A408371-2  
Flange To Pipe Elbow 4730-01-162-5112 2621-166-04ASSYA86   18-97-4062   516-4682428F23   845-4775995 ASSY A86  
2621-166-04   845-4775995  
Fluid Passage Bolt 4730-00-864-8468 173536