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NSN 4920-00-010-9859 Air Filter

P/o panel assembly, radar test set p/n 916E177, u/o test bench fire control system 4920-043-2863BF p/n 53E340016-1

NSN 4920-00-010-9619 Alignment Equipment Indicator

Q-2C target drone age. , indicator, alignment equipment , c/o frame, indicator 2, stop assembly, level vial unit 2, rubber cap 1, dowel pin 8, heli-coil used during alignment of wing incidence

NSN 4920-00-010-9618 Forward Level Fuselage Indicator

21.350" length, 6.120" width, AQ-2C target drone support equipment , indicator, fuselage, forward leveling

NSN 4920-00-010-9617 Engine Test F Bellmouth Assembly

J85-GE-17 engine age. , bellmouth, test, engine , attaches to engine front frame to minimize duct loss

NSN 4920-00-010-9616 Aircraft Maintenance Fixture

F-4C aircraft electro-hydraulic tandem power control cylinder series 22930 , to name: test fixture, functional

Description National Stock Number (NSN) Part Number(s)
Aircraft Maintenance Kit 4920-01-569-3630 EZ2050B-1   EZ2050B  
Pneumatic System Compon Test Set 4920-01-160-1129 41A37000-001   R-TBD-476  
Radar Target Simulator 4920-00-838-7895 88821-1   SM-225/GP  
Fire Control System Test Set 4920-00-889-8816 315A  
Stores Management Syste Test Set 4920-00-233-6031 AN/AWM-34A   A05G0100-315  
Fuel Control System Test Station 4920-00-908-9341 PWA15710   PWA15500  
Electronic Systems Test Set 4920-01-483-0546 A05G0600-4  
Electric And Hydrauli Test Stand 4920-01-320-9519 912484-2-1  
Fire Control System Test Set 4920-01-483-1402 A05G0504-4  
Stores Management Subsy Test Set 4920-01-373-1243 A/E24T-197A   A05G0516-10  
Synchro Test Set 4920-00-969-4683 31TL2612-1  
Hydraulic System Comp Test Stand 4920-01-272-9620 90229-100   DAA7229P101-101   A/M27T-12  
Electronic Systems Test Set 4920-01-552-2461 AN/USM-712   UG3500AE07  
Aircraft Engin Maintenance Stand 4920-01-083-0429 ST93151  
Bombing Navigation Test Station 4920-00-126-0251 AN/ASM-410   6339100  
Countermeasures Dispens Test Set 4920-01-500-6834 3044000G3  
Hydraulic System Comp Test Stand 4920-01-423-8487 17G450398-1  
Fire Control System Test Set 4920-00-469-8508 53E340410-1  
Synchro Test Set 4920-00-943-1736 GS6090   GS6090-1  
Hydraulic System Comp Test Stand 4920-01-559-7446 MIL-HDBK-300(AGE-P)   PD07WRGBZOENF10/TYPE2E  
Electrical Power Cable Assembly 4920-00-553-2825 4598C06G01  
Test Set Accessory Kit 4920-01-587-2767 JFG-122L  
Countermeasures Dispens Test Set 4920-00-130-7799 AN/ALM-164   3100304-001-101  
Automatic Pilot Test Set 4920-01-088-2443 ASI-183-1   622-0213-001   622-2013-001  
Countermeasures Dispens Test Set 4920-01-486-6934 3044000G2  
Control Test Set 4920-00-996-2465 LT3502B  
Flight Control System Test Set 4920-00-076-4505 2586520-3  
Radio Frequency Cable Assembly 4920-01-056-8538 318628-19  
Test Adapter 4920-01-413-3774 16U765X00-1   16U765700-1  
Automatic Pilot Test Set 4920-00-606-4124 LT3183B  
Radio Frequency Cable Assembly 4920-01-058-1390 318628-4  
Radio Frequency Cable Assembly 4920-01-056-8539 318628-3  
Radio Frequency Cable Assembly 4920-01-056-8533 318628-1  
Radio Frequency Cable Assembly 4920-01-056-8540 318628-5  
Countermeasures Set Test Set 4920-01-321-6923 001-006651-005   AN/ALM-195A  
Radio Frequency Cable Assembly 4920-01-056-8541 318628-7  
Radio Frequency Cable Assembly 4920-01-058-9315 318628-8  
Plug Set 4920-01-043-9747 204-92687-1  
Test Adapter Kit 4920-01-429-1073 8231643-0501   KMU-528/E  
Test Adapter 4920-01-011-2886 204-90104-1   204-90104