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Aircraft Maintenance And Repair Shop Specialized Equipment

Description National Stock Number (NSN) Part Number(s)
Aircraft Maintenance Fixture 4920-00-001-8330 NT234  
Aircraft Maintenance Fixture 4920-00-001-8331 NT268  
Alignment Electronic S Boresight 4920-00-001-8340 L15404A   J15404A  
Wing Pivot Fitti Filler Mold Kit 4920-00-001-8359 APFX124932  
Aircraft Maintenance Kit 4920-00-001-8360 APFX124933  
Aircraft Maintenance Kit 4920-00-001-8361 CUFX047089  
Aircraft Maintenance Fixture 4920-00-001-8365 PWA24740  
Aircraft Maintenance Fixture 4920-00-001-8366 PWA24834  
Rotor Grinding Kit 4920-00-001-9340 LTCT13860  
Alignment Fixture 4920-00-001-9342 66SSMACD0318  
Tackweld Turbine Nozzle Fixture 4920-00-001-9343 LTCT11366  
Alignment Fixture 4920-00-001-9344 65SSMACD0106  
Aircraft Maintenance Kit 4920-00-001-9654 BD28-101  
Target Board Bracket Assembly 4920-00-001-9982 F310939-8  
Pan Target Assembly 4920-00-001-9986 F310939-44  
Base Frame Assembly 4920-00-001-9987 F310939-46  
Target Board Bracket 4920-00-001-9988 F310939-16  
Target Board Bracket Assembly 4920-00-001-9989 F310939-51  
Targ Aligning Shaft 4920-00-001-9990 F310939-43  
Boresight Fixture Pad 4920-00-001-9991 F310939-58  
Modular Engine Test System 4920-00-003-0236 LTCT10465-03  
Interconnection Dev 4920-00-003-0389 A51V23350-1  
Test Stand Dampener 4920-00-003-0406 GS5460M5-43   GS5460-43  
Aircr Engine Maintenance Fixture 4920-00-003-0756 PWA51235   PWA51235C  
Automatic Pilot Test Set 4920-00-003-0761 MDE32287-307   AN/PSM-18C  
Electrical-electron Test Station 4920-00-003-0762 918E132G01   53E340024-305   917E406G01   917E796G01  
Aircraft Maintenance Fixture 4920-00-003-0769 117D2174   68-159013  
Aircraft Maintenance Fixture 4920-00-003-0770 176F704  
Aircr Engine Maintenance Fixture 4920-00-003-0772 PWA50996   PWA50996C  
Aircraft Engin Maintenance Stand 4920-00-003-0774 PWA51038  
Aircraft Engin Maintenance Stand 4920-00-003-0777 PWA51120   PWA51120D  
Computer Back Panel Assembly 4920-00-003-0778 6870445-7  
Madar Subsystem Cassette 4920-00-003-0779 4L90516-101C   4V13122-101D  
Wide Ban Amplifier 4920-00-003-0783 C4607-1  
Wide Ban Amplifier 4920-00-003-0785 C4607-2  
Generator Mock-up Set 4920-00-003-0788 T509A  
Pressure Test Adapter 4920-00-003-0789 884G  
Aircraft Maintenance Fixture 4920-00-003-0790 PWA30949  
Aircraft Maintenance Fixture 4920-00-003-0791 PWA30822  
Test Adapter Kit 4920-00-003-0795 289526-3   289526-1   289526-2