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Hand Tools, Power Driven

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Description National Stock Number (NSN) Part Number(s)
Electric Rotary Tool Kit 5130-01-625-2848 4000-4/65   85047  
Portable Electric Drill-hammer 5130-01-198-3909 97751   3133A81   3133A42  
Portable Electric Band Saw 5130-00-903-2510 6226   5130-00-903-2510   725KM  
Portable Electric Drill-hammer 5130-01-397-9654 HP2010N   HP2010N MAKITA  
Portable Electric Drill-hammer 5130-01-397-9500 5371-6   5371-1   5375-1  
Electric Rotary Tool Kit 5130-01-617-6927 4000-6/50   DRLN4000-6-50  
Portable Electric Drill-hammer 5130-01-578-2386 DW520K  
Pneumatic Impact Wrench 5130-01-644-8707
Portable Electric Drill-hammer 5130-01-396-6717 DW512  
Pneumatic Impact Wrench 5130-01-644-8721
Power Driven Portable Band Saw 5130-01-571-4154 D28770K  
Pneumatic Ratchet Wrench 5130-01-229-9780 AT700F   AT700A   AT700C   AT700D   AT700E  
Power Driven Portable Band Saw 5130-01-547-2017 D28770  
Portable Electric Drill-hammer 5130-01-452-0246 DW515K   DW515K DEWALT  
Portable Arc Welder 5130-01-513-6369 10000ADP  
Portable Arc Welder 5130-01-513-6370 10250  
Portable Electric Drill 5130-00-561-1389 5130-00-561-1389   W-D-661 TY3CLBST1   W-D-661   345-99  
Pneumatic Impact Wrench 5130-01-644-8699
Portable Electric Drill-hammer 5130-01-448-6700 DW505K   DW505K DEWALT  
Elect Nut Runner And Screwdriver 5130-00-806-4543 GSP441AG4  
Portable Electric Drill-hammer 5130-01-601-1150 LXPH01C1  
Power Driven Portable Band Saw 5130-01-547-2016 BPB180  
Portable Electric Drill-hammer 5130-01-577-5122 03424226  
Portable Pneumatic Nibbler 5130-01-571-9998 AT180C   AT180B  
Elect Nut Runner And Screwdriver 5130-00-203-9771
Electro Disc Drill 5130-01-587-7766 CP1-SY-002  
Portable Electric Disk Grinder 5130-01-397-9687 9005B   9005B MAKITA  
Portable Electric Drill-hammer 5130-01-397-9334 8413DWDE   8411DWH MAKITA   8411DWH  
Electric Rotary Tool Kit 5130-00-293-3465
Screwdriver Bit Set 5130-01-526-9922 YA52PBSQC  
Socket Wrench Socket 5130-00-801-4439 GGG-W-660   GGG-W-660 TY1CL1STB  
Portable Electric Drill-hammer 5130-01-588-1550 DEW DC901KL   DC901KL   2VDJ2   DC900KL  
Portable Electric Drill-hammer 5130-01-448-6701 DW515   DW515 DEWALT  
Powder Ac Projectile Unit Driver 5130-00-041-6584 A-A-444   DX400E  
Portable Pneumatic Nibbler 5130-00-962-8439 AN2000   MNA  
Pneum Nut Runner And Screwdriver 5130-01-355-2075 B107.4   FAR25A   FAR25  
Edm Fastener Removal Machine 5130-01-586-6558 CP1-SY-001  
Pneumatic Yoke Riveter 5130-00-138-5281 MIL-R-4286   CP-0351-ESREL   CP-351T-7  
Portable Pneumatic Scaler 5130-01-452-0300 130.2246   DEN19S24DC  
Pneumatic Yoke Riveter 5130-00-138-5279 CP-0351-ESKEL   MIL-R-4286   CP-351T-5