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Sets, Kits, And Outfits Of Hand Tools

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Description National Stock Number (NSN) Part Number(s)
Screw Threading Set 5180-00-752-9356 GGG-T-330  
Electrician's Tool Kit 5180-01-381-4983 CRS-E-MI-A  
Electronic System Tool Kit 5180-01-517-0092 2001-10-3  
Prefabricated Building Tool Kit 5180-01-605-9196 000280  
General Mechanic's Tool Kit 5180-01-534-1948 SS04024000-10  
Electrician's Tool Kit 5180-01-381-4954 CRS-ESS-MI-A  
General Mechanic's Tool Kit 5180-01-192-9396 51893GMB  
Electronic Eq Alignment Tool Kit 5180-01-109-6179 13359B   19904A  
Screw Thread Insert Tool Kit 5180-00-752-9793 AS59158   MIL-T-21309   3522A  
Screw Threading Set 5180-00-289-0024 GGG-T-330   GGG-T-330 TY1SX3  
Fiber Optic System Tool Kit 5180-01-574-5837 0831-8236  
Universal Puller Kit 5180-00-009-5048 CG2545AB   28KP815  
Electrical Contact Tool Kit 5180-01-353-6563 ATK4052  
Refrigeration Equipment Tool Kit 5180-01-201-3236 RF80B   83080  
Electronic System Tool Kit 5180-01-583-7579 TK-2800  
Instrument Tool Kit 5180-01-032-2777 A496-4700  
Carpenter's Tool Kit 5180-01-581-4598 USMC KIT 5300-M  
Medical Equipment Tool Kit 5180-01-483-1431 G814  
Screw Threading Set 5180-00-203-9021 GGG-T-330   GGG-T-330 TY5SX1  
Oxygen Equipment Tool Kit 5180-01-369-3605 9080000  
Screw Threading Set 5180-00-698-7972 GGG-T-330   GGG-T-330 TY1SX8   41-8789-930-100  
Electrica Tool Set 5180-00-236-0830 SL3-07473A  
Aircraft Maintenance Tool Kit 5180-01-361-2344 CX0RK-2C  
Electrician's Tool Kit 5180-01-524-3538 ASSY 80062  
Elevating And Traversin Tool Kit 5180-01-206-0856 12321231  
Screw Threading Set 5180-00-752-9355 GGG-T-330  
Aircraft Maintenance Tool Kit 5180-01-564-2252 HCS2036-05A  
Internal Combustion Eng Tool Kit 5180-01-198-4896 732556  
Screw Thread Insert Tool Kit 5180-00-935-0732 AS59158   AS59158 TY6   KIT1420GS   A-A-59158   4131-4-1  
Screw Thread Insert Tool Kit 5180-00-054-7525 AS59158   AS59158 TY6   KIT640GS   A-A-59158   4132-06-1  
Mk64 Machine Gun Mount Kit 5180-01-528-0772 10821  
Carburetor Tool Kit 5180-00-212-4730 C166-22  
Screw Thread Insert Tool Kit 5180-00-935-0735 AS59158   AS59158 TY6   KIT1032GS   A-A-59158   4132-3-1  
Screw Thread Insert Tool Kit 5180-00-054-7503 AS59158   KIT71614GS   4131-7-1   MIL-T-21309  
Screw Thread Insert Tool Kit 5180-00-935-0736 AS59158   AS59158 TY6   KIT1428GS   A-A-59158   4132-4-1  
Special Purpo Vehicular Tool Kit 5180-01-533-1305 57K2707  
Screw Thread Insert Tool Kit 5180-00-935-0738 AS59158   AS59158 TY6   KIT3824GS   A-A-59158   4132-6-1  
Screw Threading Set 5180-00-423-1610 5180-00-423-1610   207  
Screw Threading Set 5180-00-422-4975 B94.9   5180-00-422-4975   GGG-T-330   A-A-59158   MIL-T-21309  
Tube Flaring And Beadin Tool Kit 5180-01-158-8489 D12179C08-02