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Wallboard, Building Paper, And Thermal Insulation Materials

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Description National Stock Number (NSN) Part Number(s)
Thermal Insulation Blanket 5640-00-883-0434 ASTM C665   ASTM C665 TY3CLA   THERMAFIBERSILVERSHIELDBLANKET   HH-I-521  
Thermal Insulation Blanket 5640-00-670-5805 BMS8-104   B506   FI601-800-600   BMS8-104 TY4  
Sound Controlling Blanket 5640-00-105-3053 114ES023-57   BEL-503327  
Thermal Insulation Blanket 5640-00-448-5143 ASTM C665   HH-I-521   HH-I-521 TY2  
Thermal Insulation Blanket 5640-00-169-4394 PF335TYPE3   HH-I-558   HH-I-558 FMBTY1CL6  
Thermal Insulation Block 5640-00-555-8326 HHI554  
Sound Controlling Blanket 5640-00-269-1048 AMS-I-7171   MIL-I-7171 TY1STACL2   MIL-I-7171  
Sound Controlling Blanket 5640-01-192-4943 80-7271  
Thermal Insulation Blanket 5640-00-137-5643 HH-I-558   HH-I-558 FMCCL10   STYLE2  
Insulation Pipe Fitting Covering 5640-00-172-6025 1128EC40160-23  
Insulation Pipe Fitting Covering 5640-00-172-6018 1128EC40160-19  
Insulation Pipe Fitting Covering 5640-00-172-6019 1128EC40160-21  
Thermal Insulation Blanket 5640-00-291-7451 MIL-I-22023   MIL-I-22023 TY1CL5  
Sound Controlling Blanket 5640-00-286-3635 AMS-I-7171   MIL-I-7171 TY1CL2STA   MIL-I-7171  
Thermal Insulation Blanket 5640-00-101-0316 HH-I-558  
Thermal Insulation Block 5640-00-267-6768 ASTM C612   DE1052-200-4349428-PIECE 10   HH-I-564   HH-I-564 FM1CLD  
Thermal Insulation Block 5640-00-753-2870 MIL-I-2819  
Thermal Insulation Block 5640-00-267-1584 MIL-PRF-2819   MIL-PRF-2819 CL2   MIL-I-2819 CL2   MIL-I-2819  
Thermal Insulation Sleeving 5640-01-225-9583 36T26402-06C12  
Thermal Insulation Board 5640-00-079-3360 ASTM C612   HH-I-558   HH-I-558 FMACL1  
Thermal Insulation Blanket 5640-01-552-2538 STM26-702ESCT2GAA2X11X300   57010  
Thermal Insulation Blanket 5640-01-552-2541 STM26-702ESCT2GAA2X7X300   57000  
Thermal Insulation Blanket 5640-01-552-2539 STM26-702ESCT2GAA2X3X300  
Thermal Insulation Block 5640-00-267-1580 MIL-PRF-2819   MIL-I-2819  
Sound Controlling Blanket 5640-00-103-2379 114ES023-131  
Thermal Insulation Sleeving 5640-00-958-7028 HH-I-558   HH-I-558 FMDTY3CL12  
Insulation Pipe Fitting Covering 5640-00-634-9075 HHP381  
Thermal Insulation Block 5640-00-267-1586 MIL-PRF-2819   MIL-PRF-2819 CL3   2004471412-PIECE-13   MIL-I-2819   MIL-I-2819 CL3  
Thermal Insulation Block 5640-01-162-5595 MIL-I-2819   MIL-I-2819 CL2  
Thermal Insulation Board 5640-00-222-8220 HH-I-558   HH-I-558 FMACL1  
Sound Controlling Batt 5640-01-318-2816 12277368-1  
Thermal Insulation Blanket 5640-00-468-4188 BMS8-104B  
Thermal Insulation Block 5640-00-267-1591 MIL-PRF-2819   MIL-PRF-2819 CL3   MIL-I-2819   MIL-I-2819 CL3  
Thermal Insulation Block 5640-00-267-1589 MIL-I-2819   MIL-I-2819 CL3  
Thermal Insulation Blanket 5640-01-252-8299 75A663001-1031   75A663001-1003  
Thermal Insulation Blanket 5640-01-182-0532 75A663001-1015  
Thermal Insulation Blanket 5640-01-478-3450 22816827-3  
Thermal Insulation Sleeving 5640-01-459-5870 1900   KF-1900  
Thermal Insulation Sleeving 5640-01-459-5871 1300  
Thermal Insulation Sleeving 5640-01-025-1272 INSULATION