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Description National Stock Number (NSN) Part Number(s)
Wire Fencing 5660-00-076-3448 RRF221  
Wire Fencing 5660-01-042-0663 ASTM A390   RR-F-221/2  
Riot Crowd Hatbox 5660-01-527-6947 RD30-25HATBOX  
Riot Crowd Hatbox 5660-01-495-6421 RD30-50HATBOX  
Metal Fence Post 5660-01-436-6613 4579-1   4579  
Metal Fence Post 5660-01-417-2291 XP4  
Metal Fence Post 5660-00-115-8662
Fence Gate 5660-01-276-8729 6751T38  
Metal Fence Post 5660-00-126-7430
Metal Fence Post 5660-00-551-5462 ASTM A702   RR-F-221   RR-F-221/3   A-A-1001  
Metal Fence Post 5660-00-171-7697 ASTM A702   RR-F-221   RR-F-221/3   A-A-1001  
Metal Fence Post 5660-00-926-4654 ASTM A702   RR-F-221 TY1ST1   RR-F-221   A-A-1001  
Metal Fence Post 5660-00-852-7201 ASTM A702   STUDDEDSTEELFENCEP0ST   RR-F-221   RR-F-221/3   A-A-1001  
Wire Fencing 5660-00-720-4528 RRF191   92108  
Wire Fencing 5660-00-720-4530 RRF191   CL12092GA   92120   1136   CL1585GBW  
Wire Fencing 5660-00-223-6210 RRF191   CL14492GA   92144   1139   CL1685GBW  
Wire Fencing 5660-00-269-7803 RR-F-191   CL8492GA   6014   5991Y16   CL1285GBW  
Wire Fencing 5660-00-008-3167 A390   RRF221-2   9213T26   92Y13   9213Y26  
Wire Fencing 5660-00-729-5535 RRF191   CL4892GA   9248   55404   1125  
Wire Fencing 5660-00-729-5534 RR-F-191K   RR-F-191/1D TYPE I   55405   1127   CL0885GBW  
CL6092GA   9260  
Metal Fence Post 5660-01-014-7669 TRAFFIC SIGN POST  
Barbed Wire Extension Arm 5660-00-116-3859 RRF00191-4   RRF191   BTA23C   30  
Concertina Barbed Wire 5660-01-495-6161 A-A-59925-2   19GG31R   18"DETAINERHOOK31L3CGA/GA   H18GG31   A19H31LG1G  
Concertina Barbed Wire 5660-01-495-6178 A-A-59924-2   18GG31   18"MZ31L3CGA/GA   18MZ 31L 3C GA/GA STD  
Concertina Barbed Wire 5660-01-495-6123 A-A-59923-2   18"HEL33LGA/GA   18HEL33LGA/GA STD   18GG   18GG33  
Concertina Barbed Wire 5660-01-495-6200 A-A-59925-3   19SA31R   18"DETAINERHOOK31L3CSS/SS   H18SS31   A19H31LS/S  
Plastic Stanchions 5660-01-615-7958 3JVA5  
Concertina Barbed Wire 5660-01-495-6189 A-A-59925-1   A19H31LS/G   19SG31R   18"DETAINERHOOK31L3CSS/GA   H18SG31  
Fence Gate 5660-01-631-3605 LSGDBL-21-GAL  
Hedge Hog Barricade 5660-01-466-5995 HH50375   A7003360A-X5   HPS-HH60375P   A7003360  
Concertina Barbed Wire 5660-01-495-6284 A-A-59924-5   24MZ31L3CGA/GA   24GG31  
Concertina Barbed Wire 5660-01-495-6277 A-A-59923-5   24HEL 33L GA/GA STD   24HEL33LGA/GA   24GG   24GG33  
Concertina Barbed Wire 5660-01-495-6363 A-A-59926   30INSTABARRIER101L5WSSOFFSET   30A101OS   NR30S101  
Barbed Wire Extension Arm 5660-00-113-1318 RR-F-191K   F6266G   UCA   RR-F-191/4D   525  
13155   EA1   2046   BWFA3W   RR-F-191/4A  
Barricade Safety 5660-01-486-7011 RG-100-N  
Metal Fence Post 5660-00-171-7699 ASTM A702   CS5660-0001   RR-F-221   RR-F-221/3   A-A-1001  
Metal Fence Post 5660-00-171-7698 ASTM A702   RR-F-221   RR-F-221/3   A-A-1001  
Barbed Wire 5660-01-494-0228 A-A-59925-4   25SG31R   25HOOK31LSS/GA   H25SG31  
Metal Fence Post 5660-01-015-9800 RR-F-191/3D   13087  
Fence Gate 5660-01-181-5820 G816D15840   STYLE 3TR 8X16FT