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NSN 5920-00-235-8358 Cartridge Fuse

Tube type body style, brass or copper or phosphor bronze or copper alloy terminal material, nickel terminal surface treated, 0.969" length

NSN 5920-00-235-8359 Cartridge Fuse

Tube type body style, brass terminal material, 2.000" length, 0.562" diameter, fiber case material, 1.000 continuous current rating in amps

NSN 5920-00-235-8362 Cartridge Fuse

Tube type body style, brass terminal material, nickel terminal surface treated, 1.250" length, 0.250" diameter

NSN 5920-00-235-8365 Cartridge Fuse

Tube type body style, brass terminal material, nickel alloy terminal surface treated, 1.250" length, 0.281" diameter

NSN 5920-00-235-8371 Cartridge Fuse

1.250" length, 0.250" diameter, 20.000 continuous current rating in amps, 32.0 dc voltage rating in volts

NSN 5920-00-235-8373 Cartridge Fuse

Tube type body style, nickel terminal surface treated, 1.250" length, 0.281" diameter, 0.500 continuous current rating in amps

NSN 5920-00-235-9657 Overvoltage Absorber

2 terminal quantity, wire lead terminal type, 4.438" length, 1.812" height, 2.812" width, dc current type

Description National Stock Number (NSN) Part Number(s)
Extractor Post Fuseholder 5920-00-303-5290 GA51110L1   8010155   276B501AAG6  
Extractor Post Fuseholder 5920-01-512-4191 8520-11-SL   6387041-1  
Extractor Post Fuseholder 5920-00-470-2514 7414182P1  
Cartridge Fuse 5920-01-248-5664 GLD-12   MIL-PRF-15160/77   MIL-F-15160/77   F77A125V12A  
Extractor Post Fuseholder 5920-00-852-7299 9000S6202F74228-1   10FH2  
Cartridge Fuse 5920-01-333-3866 W-F-1814/58-F5100   W-F-1814/58   8004545  
Block Fuseholder 5920-01-122-0477 M21346/3-53   MIL-F-21346/3   FH25EM   3555-4   PL30C4762-10  
Cartridge Fuse 5920-00-931-0593 FM02A125V4A   MIL-PRF-23419/2   418615-20   MILF23419-2   FM02-125V4A  
FM02A1125V4A   M23419-2-020   ASC1559795  
Cartridge Fuse 5920-01-259-8490 FRS-R600   WF1814/67-D5600   W-F-1814/67   651210F99138-05   W-F-1814/34  
Cartridge Fuse 5920-01-044-2685 F36B125V3A   MIL-F-15160/36  
Cartridge Fuse 5920-01-259-3085 WF1814/66-D5300   W-F-1814/66   W-F-1814/33   WF1814/33-003  
Cartridge Fuse 5920-01-259-3083 WF1814/60-D5250   W-F-1814/60   MS90092-7   F21B250V250A   MIL-F-15160/21  
RL250   TR250   W-F-1726   WF1726/05-002   2306  
FRN-R250   FRN250   REN250   ECN250   DEN250  
Extractor Post Fuseholder 5920-00-829-1464 09-32358A01   71260004-01   HPL-J  
Cartridge Fuse 5920-01-259-3152 WF1814/65-D5175   W-F-1814/65   W-F-1814/32   WF1814/32-004  
Cartridge Fuse 5920-01-249-1903 N0S100   WF1814/64-D5100   W-F-1814/64  
Cartridge Fuse 5920-01-259-3151 WF1814/65-D5150   W-F-1814/65   W-F-1814/32   WF1814/32-003  
Cartridge Fuse 5920-01-237-3875 WF1814/64-D5070   W-F-1814/64   TRS70R   W-F-1814/31   WF1814/31-001  
Cartridge Fuse 5920-01-238-4403 ECS90   FRS90   WF1814/64-D5090   W-F-1814/64   FGS90  
TRS90   WF1814/31-003  
Cartridge Fuse 5920-01-259-3150 WF1814/64-D5080   W-F-1814/64   6111360  
Cartridge Fuse 5920-01-305-7569 WF1814/59-F5175   W-F-1814/59  
Fuse Box 5920-00-355-4734 M24646/8-002   MIL-DTL-24646/8   SYM647.1   9000S6202-74202   MIL-F-24646/8  
Cartridge Fuse 5920-00-922-4899 F20A250V150AS   MIL-F-15160/20  
Cartridge Fuse 5920-00-471-9049 F65C500V300AS   MIL-PRF-15160/65   MIL-F-15160/65  
Cartridge Fuse 5920-00-087-0274 F20BR250V175AS   MIL-PRF-15160/20   MIL-F-15160/20   F20B250V175AS  
Cartridge Fuse 5920-00-984-3137 F21A250V300AS   MIL-F-15160/21  
Cartridge Fuse 5920-00-056-7806 NFA70   F19B250V70AS   MIL-F-15160/19   E104E1-8  
Inclosed Link Fuse 5920-00-734-5028 MS28936-200   MILF5273  
Cartridge Fuse 5920-01-323-5775 WF1814/66-F5225   W-F-1814/66  
Cartridge Fuse 5920-00-655-1149 F07B125V1AS   MIL-F-15160/7  
Cartridge Fuse 5920-01-323-5343 WF1814/65-F5175   W-F-1814/65  
Cartridge Fuse 5920-01-263-5780 F20B250V150AS   MILF15160-20  
Cartridge Fuse 5920-00-199-4046 F20B250V175A   MIL-F-15160/20  
Cartridge Fuse 5920-00-281-0168 F21B250V350A   MIL-F-15160/21   ECN350   FRNR 350  
Cartridge Fuse 5920-01-273-6692 WF1814-60D5300   W-F-1814/60  
Cartridge Fuse 5920-00-581-3282 F20B250V150A   MILF15160-20   MILF15160  
Cartridge Fuse 5920-00-199-4044 F20BR250V110A   MIL-PRF-15160/20   RL110   F20B250V110A  
Cartridge Fuse 5920-00-281-0162 10047-1160   ECN100   50503113   8147631   F19BR250V100A  
MIL-F-15160/19   F19B250V100A   WF803ANDTYPE2  
Cartridge Fuse 5920-00-254-7733 1067861-30   FRN70   F19BR250V70A   MIL-PRF-15160/19   208412-000   724245-27   MIL-F-15160/19   F19B250V70A   MS90095-5  
Cartridge Fuse 5920-00-686-0195 F20B250V200A   F20BR250V200A   MIL-PRF-15160/20   859970   MILF15160-20  
Cartridge Fuse 5920-00-281-0163 F19B250V80A   MIL-PRF-15160/19   MIL-F-15160/19