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Description National Stock Number (NSN) Part Number(s)
Mkt-i Upgrade Kit 7360-01-469-5482 5-13-6397-1   MKT-I(GREEN)  
Air Transportabl Galley-lavatory 7360-01-328-5127 8946600   8946600-1  
Tableware Outfit 7360-00-959-5600 UA-7118  
Trailer Field Kitchen End Cover 7360-01-245-6943 X5-13-3899-G1   5-13-3899-G1  
Modular Field Kitchen 7360-01-286-8663 PD-VRG-NHE-247  
Trailer Field Kitchen End Cover 7360-01-245-6944 X5-13-3899-G2  
Field Feed Company Level Kitchen 7360-01-374-1980 MIL-K-44156TY2   MIL-K-44156  
Field Feed Company Level Kitchen 7360-01-200-9828 MIL-K-44156TY1   MIL-K-44156  
Corner Post Assy 7360-01-479-2972 5-13-2519G2  
Tray-pack Heater Tank Assembly 7360-01-248-6041 5-13-3721  
Trailer Mounted Field Kitchen 7360-01-500-4644 MKT-99 TAN  
Roof Assembly 7360-01-432-8324 5-13-2520G1REV K   5-13-2520G1REV G  
Kitchen Module 7360-01-494-7668 1100EKUPG  
Kitchen Module 7360-01-494-7667 1100EK  
Kitchen Module 7360-01-494-7670 550EKUPG  
Roof Vent Assembly 7360-01-361-5681 5-13-4636  
Trailer Mounted Field Kitchen 7360-01-483-8617 MKT-99  
Kitchen Module 7360-01-494-5899 550EK  
Cutlery Roll 7360-00-274-7088 MIL-R-1982  
Trailer Field Kitchen Side Cover 7360-01-245-6945 X5-13-3898-G2  
Trailer Field Kitchen Side Cover 7360-01-246-6733 X5-13-3898-G1  
Field Kitchen Exhaust System 7360-01-510-3974 43150000  
Can Opener Mounting Bracket Kit 7360-01-256-6206 5-13-4651   SK-F-1057  
Roof Lifting Jack 7360-01-247-2367 5-13-4600   PMF-81A   5-13-2522G3   ALS-516-00  
Tray Ratio Heater 7360-01-514-1420 TRH2000  
Holding Module 7360-01-486-8328 RPHM2000  
Flatware Set 7360-00-419-7962 L0106224200  
Bottle And Tumbler Set 7360-01-387-1316 IN1721   L-B-550   A-A-53437  
End Screen Small Assembly 7360-01-246-4312 X5-13-3904G2  
Side Screen 7360-01-245-6949 X5-13-3903-G1  
Trailer Mounted Field Kitchen 7360-01-246-4646 MIL-K-43911   MKT-85S  
Green Field Hand Wash Station 7360-01-480-8487 CID A-A-59797   2020-G   PS14-1000 (GREEN)   PS04-1000 GREEN  
Large End Screen 7360-01-245-6948 X5-13-3904-G1  
Tan Field Hand Wash Station 7360-01-481-7512 CID A-A-59797   2020-T   PS14-1000 (TAN)   PS04-1000 TAN  
Insu Food Carrier With Heat Pans 7360-01-576-1871 A-A-52193  
Dining Packet 7360-01-597-1811 ARSLON PLASTIK AP-4   USFORA 7360-01-167-2610  
Safety Device Assy 7360-01-343-9014 5-11-2071  
Dining Packet 7360-01-509-3586 DINING PACKET  
Insulated Food Carrier With Pans 7360-01-576-1863 A-A-52193  
Mkt-i Upgrade Kit 7360-01-496-3869 5-13-6397-2(TAN)