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NSN: 5920-00-005-7104
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Cross Reference

These part numbers have the same form, fit, and function of 090-0105-a
Item Number Cage
5029035 57946
ST5M1328-001 76301
2301-08 23663
090-0105-A 61114
10135245 A486G

Characteristic Codes

090-0105-A spec. code meanings
Code Translation
AAFZ The basic material of which the body is fabricated.
AARA The number of terminals for providing electrical connection to the item.
AARB Indicates the type of terminals for providing electrical connection to the item.
ABHP The dimension measured along the longitudinal axis with terminated points at the extreme ends of the item.
ADAV A measurement of the longest straight line across a circular cross-sectional plane.
ADJH The means of attaching the item.
ALBY Indicates the designed use of the item.
ALGC The pattern or arrangement that describes the mounting configuration of the item.
AQAP Indicates the type of arrester.
AQAQ The voltage at which the item will break down.
AQAR An indication of the line to ground voltage.


Description: Electrical Surge Arrester
Mfr. Cage A486G


Length: 1-1/8", Overall Diameter: 1-3/32"

AAFZ Body Material
AARA Terminal Quantity
AARB Terminal Type
Threaded stud
ABHP Overall Length
From 1.110" and 1.160"
ADAV Overall Diameter
From 1.086" and 1.130"
ADJH Mounting Method
ALBY Usage Design
Indoor and outdoor
ALGC Mounting Configuration
0.250-28 thd stud 0.460 in. @nom length at mtg base end of arrester
AQAP Arrester Type
Air gap
AQAQ Breakdown Voltage
From 350.000 volts and 450.000 volts
AQAR Line To Ground Voltage
From 28.000 volts and 115.000 volts

Technical Definition

Arrester, Electrical Surge, also referenced with federal logistics item name code 00381 - A circuit-protecting device which provides a discharge path for abnormal surges of high potential while consuming little or no power at normal operating voltage. excludes items which absorb continuously recurring cyclic pulses. for resistors which are sensitive to voltage changes or used as elements in surge arresters, see resistor, voltage sensitive. see also absorber, overvoltage; and cutout disk, protective.
National Stock Number (NSN): 5920-00-005-7104

Last Modified: 02/14/2017