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Radio Frequency Coil

Model / MPN: 10102-103 | NSN: 5950-00-787-3012
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An item consisting of a partial turn as one or more turns of wire or other conductive material which constitutes one continuous untapped winding. It may be wound or formed in other than a circular manner and may be self-supporting, requiring no coil form. It is specifically designed to furnish inductive reactance in a circuit carrying radio frequency current ranging from 20 kilohertz (kilocycles) and above. It may include tuning devices, integral resistors and capacitors; however, excludes filter (as modified). The coil has only two electrical terminals. For items having tapped winding or more than one winding - see transformer, radio frequency. For coils wound on resistors, which are designed to be inserted in the circuit of a radio frequency stage to suppress high frequency parasitic oscillations, see suppressor, parasitic.

Product Details
NATO Stock Number
Sold in multiples of
1 EA
Reliability Indicator
Not established
Overall Length
Between 0.430 inches and 0.450 inches
Inductance Rating
3.30 microhenries single component single winding
Coil Form Type
Solid single component
Core Construction
Powdered single component
Overall Diameter
Between 0.180 inches and 0.200 inches
Maximum Operating Temp
105.0 degrees celsius
Inclosure Type
Fully enclosed
Mounting Method
Terminal single group
Rating Method
Electrical single component single winding
Winding Conductor Size
0.02535 inches american wire gage single component single winding
Winding Operating Current
990.0 milliamperes dc single component single winding
Dc Resistance Rating In Ohms
0.140 single component single winding
Quality Factor
30 single component single winding
Terminal Type And Quantity
2 wire lead

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10102-103 Cross Reference
  • 4421-1K
  • 8050000806