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NSN: 2510-00-005-7695
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Cross Reference

These part numbers have the same form, fit, and function of 10917950
Item Number Cage
10917950 19207
1097950 5W265
2510000057695 SCY13

Characteristic Codes

10917950 spec. code meanings
Code Translation
TEXT A recording of the physical, functional, and performance characteristics for an item of supply.


Description: Mounting Fuel Tank Strip
Mfr. Cage SCY13


TEXT General Characteristics Item Description
Aluminum alloy,mil-a-19070,5086,temper h32 or h112,12.000 in. lg,2.250 in. w,0.125 in. thk,with 3 slots 0.500 in. w 1.000 in. lg

Technical Definition

Strip, Mounting Fuel Tank, also referenced with federal logistics item name code
National Stock Number (NSN): 2510-00-005-7695

Last Modified: 10/11/2017