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NSN: 5995-00-001-2549
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Part Numbers

Item Number Item Description
10C02115-5 Cable Assembly, Radio Frequency

10C02115-5 Radio Frequency Cable Assembly

Cage 25223

Technical Definition

Cable Assembly, Radio Frequency, also referenced with federal logistics item name code 00886 - A definite length of cable, radio frequency having one or both ends processed and/or terminated in fittings which provide for connection to other items. includes multiple cable assemblies in a common jacket or shield. excludes items having branches or forks and lead, test. see also cable assembly, radio frequency, branched.

Technical Characteristics

Electrical Resistance (AAPP):
50.00 ohms impedance
Conductor Arrangement And Quantity (CXDQ):
1 coaxial
Conductor Form (CXCW):
Solid single conductor
Cross Section Outside Diameter (ADVL):
0.195 inches nominal
Cross-sectional Shape Style (AAGR):
Conductor Quantity (AMQN):
Material Document And Classification (MDCL):
Qq-w-345 fed spec all material responses 1st position conductor single conductor
Overall Length (AAJU):
10.000 inches
Material Document And Classification (MDCL):
Mil-c-17 mil spec single material response 4th position shield braid, metallic single conductor
Round Conductor Size (CXDC):
18 awg single conductor
Special Features (FEAT):
Rg142bu cable
Style Designator (STYL):
Dual receptacle
Surface Treatment (SFTT):
Silver core conductor single conductor
Terminal Commercial And Government Entity Code (CXGN):
16179 both ends single conductor
Terminal Manufacturer Identifying Reference Number (CXGG):
602-1 2nd end single conductor
Terminal Manufacturer Identifying Reference Number (CXGG):
511-1 1st end single conductor
Termination Type (AKRZ):
Connector plug both ends single conductor

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