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NSN: 6625-00-001-4684
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Part Numbers

Item Number Item Description
123AV50067-1 Absorber, Radio Frequency Radiati

123AV50067-1 Radio Frequency Radiati Absorber

Cage 26512

Technical Definition

Absorber, Radio Frequency Radiati, also referenced with federal logistics item name code 00787 - An item specifically designed to absorb and dissipate incident radio frequency energy. it consists of a material, such as phenolic, varnished cardboard, cloth, or metal, the surface of which is coated or otherwise processed with a radio frequency absorbent element. see also dummy load, electrical.

Technical Characteristics

Backing Material (AHCV):
Aluminum alloy
Backing Surface Treatment (BDHP):
Any acceptable
FSC Application Data (ZZZV):
Test set,elect. equip.
Overall Height (ABKW):
2.312 inches nominal
Resistance Tolerance In Percent (AAPQ):
Overall Length (ABHP):
15.500 inches nominal
Overall Width (ABMK):
10.000 inches nominal

National Stock Number (NSN)