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NSN: 1680-00-001-1731
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Cross Reference

These part numbers have the same form, fit, and function of 123cm12012-501
Item Number Cage
123CM12012-501 26512

Characteristic Codes

123CM12012-501 spec. code meanings
Code Translation
ABXV The length of a straight line which passes through the center of a circular bore, and terminates at the circumference.
ADGE A measurement of the longest dimension of a bore.
ASBP Indicates the type of bore used on the item.
FEAT Those unusual or unique characteristics or qualities of an item not covered in the other requirements and which are determined to be essential for identification.
MATT The chemical compound or mechanical mixture properties of which the item is fabricated.
MDCL The specification, standard, or manufacturers reference, and the classification designation, such as class, condition, temper, and the like, that identifies the material.
SFTT The metallic, nonmetallic, and/or chemical properties with which the item is plated, dipped, and/or coated.the treatment is designed to protect the surface(s) and cannot be wiped off.


Description: Remote Control Lever
Mfr. Cage 26512


aluminum alloy

ABXV Bore Diameter
From 1.312" and 1.313"
ADGE Bore Length
From 1.750" and 1.755"
ASBP Bore Type
Plain straight
FEAT Special Features
Flight control, aircraft
MATT Material
Aluminum alloy
MDCL Material Spec
Qq-a-225/9, alloy 7075 t7351 fed spec single material response
SFTT Surface Treatment

Technical Definition

Lever, Remote Control, also referenced with federal logistics item name code 22099 - A rigid item usually in the form of an arm of various shapes and cross sections, containing two or more holes so spaced that one serves as a pivot with or without hubs and must have a definite means for securing to a shaft (such as threaded hole for set-screw, keyway(s), splines, serrations or some clamping device). the other hole(s) connect(s) to connecting link, rigid; wire rope assembly, single leg; or clevis, rod end; to provide transmission of movement to other parts of the mechanism. see also bell crank. for manually operated items see lever, manual control.
National Stock Number (NSN): 1680-00-001-1731


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SPE4A615TBV44 Lever, Remote Contro 4 EA 07/20/2015

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