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Cross Reference

These part numbers have the same form, fit, and function as 1392371
Item Number Cage
8327903 19207
1392371 12204


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Technical Definition

Plug, Machine Thread, also referenced with federal logistics item name code 03801 - An item with a cylindrical shaped body having external threads other than pipe or hose series. it is desinged to mate into a preformed threaded component for the purpose of plugging a hole during equipment operation. it may have a head and/or internal drive and may contain a bleeder hole. see also plug, protective, dust and moisture seal and cap-plug, protective, dust and moisture seal. excludes plug, tube fitting, threaded.

Q & A

Part number 1392371
What are the historical prices for part number 1392371?
No pre-dated pricing for this NSN could be found.
Does this part number 1392371 have a shelf life?
No. There is no shelf life applicable for this part.
Does this part number 1392371 require Demilitarization?
Non-usml/non-ccli - no demil or dod tsc required. department of commerce may impose licensing requirements to certain destinations. (note 9).
Is part number 1392371 ITAR controlled?
No. This item is not ITAR Controlled.
What is the NSN for part number 1392371?
Who are the manufacturers of 1392371 and NSN 5365-00-832-7903?
  • U S Army Tank Automotive Command (CAGE 19207)
  • Daimler Chrysler (CAGE 12204)


Description: Machine Thread Plug
Part Number 1392371 1392371


Thread Length: 15/64", Length: 19/32", Thread Size: 7/8", steel comp 1015 overall or steel comp 1016 overall or steel comp 1017 overall or steel comp 1018 overall or steel comp 1019 overall or steel comp 1020 overall or steel comp 1021 overall or steel comp 1022 overall or steel comp 1023 overall or steel comp 1025 overall or steel comp 1109 overall or steel comp 1110 overall or steel comp 1116 overall or steel comp 1117 overall or steel comp 1117 overall or steel comp 1118 overall or steel comp 1119 overall or steel comp 1120 overall

AAJE Thread Pitch Diameters
+0.8320/+0.8369 inches external
AAJF Thread Direction
Right-hand external
AASA Thread Length
0.234 inches external
AASL Head Diameter
1.125 inches
AASU Head Height
0.119 inches
ABHP Overall Length
0.594 inches
AHNC Connection Style
CMLP Thready Qty Per Inch (tpi)
18 external
CQJX Nominal Thread Size
0.875 inches external
MATT Material
Steel comp 1015 or steel comp 1016 or steel comp 1017 or steel comp 1018 or steel comp 1019 or steel comp 1020 or steel comp 1021 or steel comp 1022 or steel comp 1023 or steel comp 1025 or steel comp 1109 or steel comp 1110 or steel comp 1116 or steel comp 1117 or steel comp 1117 or steel comp 1118 or steel comp 1119 or steel comp 1120
MDCL Material Spec
Astm a108 assn std 1st material response or astm a576 assn std 1st material response or astm a108 assn std 2nd material response or astm a576 assn std 2nd material response or astm a576 assn std 3rd material response or astm a108 assn std 4th material response or astm a576 assn std 4th material response or astm a576 assn std 5th material response or 6th, 8th, 9th, 10th matl response astm a108 or astm a576; 7th matl response astm a576; 11th through 18th matl response astm a576 or fed spec qq-s-637
SFTT Surface Treatment
Lead alloy or tin
STYL Style Designator
Plug, machine
THSD Thread Series Designator
Uns external
National Stock Number (NSN): 5365-00-832-7903