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NSN: 5310-00-001-2300
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Cross Reference These part numbers have the same form, fit, and function of 14-74268-1

Item Number Cage
14-74268-1 0JRC1

Characteristic Codes 14-74268-1 spec. code meanings

Code Translation
MATT The chemical compound or mechanical mixture properties of which the item is fabricated.
MDCL The specification, standard, or manufacturers reference, and the classification designation, such as class, condition, temper, and the like, that identifies the material.
FEAT Those unusual or unique characteristics or qualities of an item not covered in the other requirements and which are determined to be essential for identification.

14-74268-1 Recessed Washer

Mfr. Cage 0JRC1


steel overall

MATT Material
MDCL Material Spec
Ams 5643 assn std single material response
FEAT Special Features
Heat treat to condition h950 specification ht-19 76823

Technical Definition

Washer, Recessed, also referenced with federal logistics item name code 15933 - A washer of any peripheral shape having a centrally located hole. both bearing surfaces are parallel and flat, but one or both of the bearing surfaces must be broken by a counterbore, countersink, or similarly shaped recess. the thickness must not exceed 25 per cent of the outside diameter or the largest outside dimension. the maximum limit of the tolerance or range applied to the thickness and/or largest outside dimension must be used to determine compliance. excludes washer, concave, retainer, packing, and thrust type washers. see also spacer, sleeve; and spacer, stepped.
National Stock Number (NSN) 5310-00-001-2300

Last Modified: 02/14/2017