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Item Number Item Description
1933-9700 Meter, Audio Level

1933-9700 Audio Level Meter

Cage 62015

Technical Definition

Meter, Audio Level, also referenced with federal logistics item name code 16456 - An instrument which measures the ratio of electrical power with reference to a predetermined value and is calibrated in units of sound intensity, usually decibels. the value may be expressed by means of a pointer and calibrated dial or a digital readout display. if other than audio frequency ranges, see meter, noise level.

Technical Characteristics

For Use With/On (AGAV):
Electronic test equipment
Background Color (AQFY):
Black single indicator single range
Circuit Current For Which Designed (AACT):
Dial Scale Marking Color (APMM):
White single indicator single range
Furnished Items And Quantity (AKYN):
4 alkaline energizer c cell batteries; microphone attenuator, tool kit, 10 ft microphone extension cable, windscreen
Features Provided (CBBL):
Internal battery accommodation and portable
Frequency Rating (ACZB):
5.0 hertz minimum and 100.0 kilohertz maximum
Measurement Range (BHMW):
+10.0 to 30.0 decibels single indicator single range
Overall Depth (ABFY):
3.000 inches nominal
Installation Design (AMQY):
Hand held
Indicator Type (AMKD):
Dial w/pointer
Reference Data And Literature (RDAL):
Genrad catalog
Scale Division Quantity (ABWG):
1 single indicator single range
Scale Graduation Type (BHDC):
Linear single indicator single range
Overall Length (ABHP):
9.000 inches nominal
Overall Width (ABMK):
6.190 inches nominal
Pointer Color (ASSS):
White single indicator single range
Power Source (AWZJ):
Special Features (FEAT):
Opt 9700 is 1/2 and 1 inch random incidence microphones; octave bands w/center frequency 31.5 hz to 16.0 khz; level range: 10db to 130 db re 20upa w/1 in. microphone, 20db to 140db w/1/2 in. microphone; operating temperature: m10.0/p50.0 deg. c; storage temp.:m40.0/p60.0 deg. c w/batteries removed
Style Designator (STYL):

National Stock Number (NSN)