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These part numbers have the same form, fit, and function as 200sstl108e006s75bb513l
Item Number Cage
200SST20RB21439C 51663
200SSTL108E006S75BB513L 38443
RB21439 51663


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Series: 200SSTL108E006S75BB51

Technical Definition

Bearing, Ball, Annular, also referenced with federal logistics item name code 00014 - A cylindrical device in which the inner or outer ring turns upon a single or double row of hardened balls which roll easily between the two rings, thus minimizing friction. for items with faces specially ground for duplex mounting see bearing, ball, duplex. excludes bearing, ball, airframe.


Description: Annular Ball Bearing
Mfr. Cage 51663


copper alloy retainer

ABMK Overall Width
9.0 millimeters
ABXV Bore Diameter
10.00 millimeters
ADGA Overall Outside Diameter
30.00 millimeters
AGYE Surface Finish
AGYF Retainer Fabrication Method
AGZC Load Direction
AGZD Bore Shape
AKVV Internal Clearance
0.0006 inches minimum radial and 0.0010 inches maximum radial
CTFZ Standard Tolerance Designation
Abec no.1
FEAT Special Features
Electric motor quality,silver plate retainer 0.005 to 0.0015 in. thick per ams 2412
MATT Material
Copper alloy retainer
MATT Material
Steel comp 440c outer ring
MDCL Material Spec
66 fed std single material response ball
MDCL Material Spec
66 fed std single material response outer ring
STYL Style Designator
Non-loading groove, non-separable
National Stock Number (NSN): 3110-00-001-4852

Last Modified: 02/14/2017