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NSN: 6625-00-001-6916
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2101 Generator, Pulse

2101 Pulse Generator

Cage 80009

Technical Definition

Generator, Pulse, also referenced with federal logistics item name code 00411 - An electronic device which develops a discontinuous electrical potential with an abrupt rate of change of voltage which determines the harmonic content of the pulse train. the duration of a single pulse output is relatively short compared to the time of the recurrence cycle. see also generator, single pulse; and generator, electronic marker.

Technical Characteristics

Average Life Measurement (AFSU):
Not rated
Basic Shape Style (AGTA):
Rectangular or square
Calibration Function (BJBS):
Connection Contact Type And Quantity (BJBW):
2 receptacle, coaxial internal
Connection Type And Location (BJBP):
Receptacle, coaxial front
Control Type (AQZF):
Entry Date (NTRD):
External Ac Operating Voltage In Volts (BKFC):
272.0 maximum single voltage
External Ac Operating Voltage In Volts (BKFC):
90.0 minimum single voltage
Frequency Adjustment Type (BHTD):
Frequency Per Channel (BHTB):
25.0 megahertz nominal input channel
Functional Classification (FCLS):
Circuit Construction Type (BHSX):
Solid state
Operating Ac Frequency In Hertz (BJBQ):
440.0 maximum single voltage
Operating Ac Frequency In Hertz (BJBQ):
48.0 minimum single voltage
Operating Control Method (ALBM):
Operating Temp Range (AFGA):
+0.0 to 50.0 deg celsius
Output Wave Shape (BJBJ):
Pulse, gate
Overall Height (ABKW):
3.875 inches nominal
Impedance Rating Per Channel (BHTN):
50.000 ohms input channel
Inclosure Type (AKNA):
Installation Design (AMQY):
Signal Data Type Per Channel (BHTZ):
Input channel pulse
Signal Voltage Rating Per Channel (BHTK):
10.000 volts nominal input
Overall Length (ABHP):
14.750 inches nominal
Overall Width (ABMK):
8.000 inches nominal
Phase (FAAZ):
Polarity Per Channel (BHTS):
Positive input channel
Polarity Per Channel (BHTS):
Negative input channel
Pulse Decay Time Per Channel (BHTR):
5.000 nanoseconds nominal input channel
Pulse Duration Per Channel (BHTP):
20.000 nanoseconds minimum input channel
Pulse Duration Per Channel (BHTP):
400.000 milliseconds maximum input channel
Pulse Rise Time Per Channel (BHTQ):
5.000 nanoseconds nominal input channel

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