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NSN: 6625-00-001-6818
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Part Numbers

Item Number Item Description
216-01922-3 Test Set, Radar

Master Requirement Codes

Code Translation
AKWC The relationship of the electrical power source to the item.
ACYN The value, or range of values, of root mean square potential for which the item is rated.
ACZB The number of complete cyclic changes, per unit of time, for which an item is rated.
HGTH A measurement from the bottom to the top of an object, in distinction from depth.
NTRD Indicates the date the item was entered into mil-hdbk-300.
FCLS The alpha-numeric designation that identifies the classification of the item according to the category of functions performed.
RDAL Literature and references available for information pertaining to the item.
TMDN The alpha-numeric-alpha designation used to identify the type and/or model of the basic item.
ANPZ An indication of the feature/s/ of the inclosure.
ABRY A measurement of the longest dimension of any object, in distinction from width.
FAAZ The number of alternating current phases.
ABGL A measurement taken at right angles to the length of an item, in distinction from thickness.
AQXY Indicates the type of test for which the item is designed.

216-01922-3 Radar Test Set

Cage 80378

Technical Definition

Test Set, Radar, also referenced with federal logistics item name code 03661 - A test set primarily designed for use in making examinations of radar equipment. see also test set, electron tube; multimeter; oscilloscope; generator, signal; test set, doppler radar receiver; and test set, amplifier.

Technical Characteristics

Electrical Power Source Relationship (AKWC):
Ac Voltage Rating (ACYN):
115.0 volts nominal
Frequency Rating (ACZB):
400.0 hertz nominal
Height (HGTH):
6.000 inches nominal
Entry Date (NTRD):
Functional Classification (FCLS):
Reference Data And Literature (RDAL):
Type/model Designation (TMDN):
Inclosure Feature (ANPZ):
Single item w/housing
Length (ABRY):
34.000 inches nominal
Phase (FAAZ):
Width (ABGL):
6.000 inches nominal
Test Type For Which Designed (AQXY):
Determination of lru performance,isolation of lru malfunctions,lru alignment

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