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NSN: 5955-00-001-7535
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Part Numbers

Item Number Item Description
331088-2 Crystal Unit, Quartz
W8 Crystal Unit, Quartz
CXG331088-2 Crystal Unit, Quartz

331088-2 Quartz Crystal Unit

Cage 80249

Technical Definition

Crystal Unit, Quartz, also referenced with federal logistics item name code 00196 - An item which consists of a quartz crystal resonator(s), suitably mounted in a holder, quartz crystal.

Technical Characteristics

Drive Level Rating (CQYL):
8.0 milliwatts minimum and 12.0 milliwatts maximum
Center To Center Distance Between Terminals (CQBK):
0.188 nominal inches
Circuit Resonance (AEHD):
Series resonance
Diameter (ABMZ):
0.695 inches minimum and 0.715 inches maximum
Distance Between Center Terminal And Outside Terminal Centers (AEHV):
0.094 inches nominal
Equivalent Resistance Value In Ohms (CRMP):
20.0 nominal
Frequency Tolerance For Operating Temp In Percent (CRFX):
-0.005 to 0.005
Holder Cover Material (AEHS):
Operating Temp Range (AFGA):
-55.0 to 105.0 deg celsius
Overall Diameter (ADAV):
0.740 inches minimum and 0.760 inches maximum
Overall Length (ABHP):
0.440 inches minimum and 0.450 inches maximum
Mode Of Oscillation (AEHC):
Second Center To Center Distance Between Terminals (CRLM):
0.125 inches nominal
Shunt Capacitance In Picofarads (AEHF):
7.0 maximum
Specified Frequency (AEHG):
8.290155 megahertz
Style Designator (STYL):
Hat type, 5 wire leads
Terminal Diameter (AEBT):
0.038 inches minimum and 0.042 inches maximum
Terminal Length (ABJT):
0.271 inches minimum and 0.359 inches maximum

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