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NSN: 5895-00-001-6626
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Part Numbers

Item Number Item Description
362863-3 Tuner, Radio Frequency

362863-3 Radio Frequency Tuner

Cage 00752

Technical Definition

Tuner, Radio Frequency, also referenced with federal logistics item name code 00745 - An electronic device consisting of the necessary elements to establish the upper and lower limits and to effect the variation (continuous or in steps) of the frequency of a tuned circuit by means of an integral variable capacitor, inductor, cavity or line. it is generally used for tuning radio receivers, transmitters, amplifiers, or similar items. it does not include electron tubes. see also tuning unit, radio frequency.

Technical Characteristics

Basic Shape Style (AGTA):
Rectangular or square
Connection Type And Location (BJBP):
Receptacle, audio top
External Dc Operating Voltage In Volts (BKFB):
12.0 nominal single voltage
FSC Application Data (ZZZV):
Circuit Construction Type (BHSX):
Solid state
Overall Height (ABKW):
2.000 inches nominal
Inclosure Type (AKNA):
Installation Design (AMQY):
Overall Length (ABHP):
6.500 inches maximum
Overall Width (ABMK):
3.953 inches maximum

National Stock Number (NSN)