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NSN: 2910-00-003-0112
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Cross Reference

These part numbers have the same form, fit, and function of 398236c91
Item Number Cage
443271C91 89346
4574 11599
398236C91 31007
R4574A 29092

Characteristic Codes

398236C91 spec. code meanings
Code Translation
AAFZ The basic material of which the body is fabricated.
ABTB The length of a straight line which passes through the center of a mounting hole, and terminates at the circumference.
ABTJ The number of mounting holes provided.
AGEB An indication of whether or not a feature is included for the item to be operated in a specified depth of water without malfunction.
ALXY The spacing between the mounting holes.
ASAR Indicates the type of air inlet connection on the item.
AWAB The number of barrels provided.
BHSN The direction of the air flow.
BHSP The number of float chambers provided.
BHSQ Indicates the type of float used.
BHSW The number of fuel outlet flanges provided.
BJBX The physical configuration of the fuel outlet flange.
BJBZ The physical configuration of the air inlet.
BJCP Designates the thread diameter and number of threads per measurement scale of an air inlet.
BJCQ A designation indicating the diameter-pitch combination and the number of threads per measurement scale applied to a series of diameters of an air inlet.
BJCR The direction of the air inlet thread when viewed axially. a right-hand thread winds in a clockwise direction while a left-hand thread winds in a counterclockwise direction.
BJCS Indicates the location of the air inlet thread.
BJCT An indication of whether or not an automatic choke is included.
BJCW An indication of whether or not a governor is included.
BJCX An indication of whether or not an accelerating pump is included.
BJCY An indication of whether or not a degasser is included.
BJCZ An indication of whether or not an inverted flight valve is included.
BJJB An indication of whether or not a vacuum economizer is included.


Description: Float Carburetor
Mfr. Cage 29092


AAFZ Body Material
Aluminum, cast
ABTB Mounting Hole Diameter
0.356 inches
ABTJ Mounting Hole Quantity
AGEB Fording Feature
Not included
ALXY Mounting Hole Spacing
5.125 in. c to c along lg;3.440 in. c to c along w
ASAR Air Inlet Connection Type
AWAB Barrel Quantity
BHSN Draft Direction
BHSP Float Chamber Quantity
BHSQ Float Type
BHSW Fuel Outlet Flange Quantity
BJBX Fuel Outlet Flange Shape
BJBZ Air Inlet Shape
BJCP Air Inlet Thread Size
BJCQ Air Inlet Thread Series Designator
BJCR Air Inlet Thread Direction
BJCS Air Inlet Thread Location
BJCT Automatic Choke
Not included
BJCW Governor
Not included
BJCX Accelerating Pump
BJCY Degasser
BJCZ Inverted Flight Valve
Not included
BJJB Vacuum Economizer
Not included

Technical Definition

Carburetor, Float, also referenced with federal logistics item name code 01026 - A carburetor utilizing one or more floats to maintain a constant liquid level.
National Stock Number (NSN): 2910-00-003-0112

Last Modified: 10/11/2017