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NSN: 4310-00-004-1839
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Cross Reference

These part numbers have the same form, fit, and function of 3hbb10m300x
Item Number Cage
3HBB10M300X 24123

Characteristic Codes

3HBB10M300X spec. code meanings
Code Translation
AAXG The number of compressors incorporated in the unit.
AAXJ The percentage of time for which the item is designed to generate without degradation of rated capacity and discharge pressure.
AAXK The media the machine is designed to compress.
AAXL The rated capacity of gas delivered by the last stage of compression.
AAXM The gage pressure of gas delivered by the last stage of compression. referred to as condensing pressure for refrigeration compressors.
AAXP The design of the system necessary to maintain the required operating temperature of an item and discharge temperature of the compressed gases.
AAXQ The cooling medium used to maintain the required operating temperature of the compressed gases.
AAXR The cooling medium used to maintain the required operating temperature of the compressor.
AAXS The cooling medium used to maintain the required operating temperature of the prime mover.
AAXX Indicates the type of mount utilized to support the item.
AAXY The reciprocating compressor design as determined by the mechanical action by which compression takes place in the cylinder/s/ of the compressor.
AAXZ The number of cylinders incorporated in the item.
AAYA The style designation indicating the configuration that most nearly corresponds to the angular arrangement of the cylinders.
AAYD The number of stages incorporated in the item.
AAYS The speed of the compressor required to produce its rated capacity, expressed in revolutions per minute.
AAYT The number of intake connections included on the item.
AAYV The number of discharge connections included on the item.
AAYW Indicates the type of discharge connection included on the item.
AKDJ Indicates the type of prime mover included with the unit.
BPRZ Indicates the type of safety device(s) provided.
CSBH The total electrical voltage, expressed in volts, and the type of current whether alternating or direct.
CXNT The brake power required to start and operate the item including all accessories at the actual rated capacity, expressed in unit of power.
FAAZ The number of alternating current phases.
FREQ The cycles per second /hertz/ of the alternating current.


Description: Reciprocating Compressor Unit
Mfr. Cage 24123


AAXG Compressor Quantity
AAXJ Duty Cycle In Percent
AAXK Gas For Which Designed
AAXL Discharge Flow Rate
1.100 cubic feet per minute
AAXM Discharge Pressure
100.000 pounds per square inch gage
AAXP Cooling System Design
AAXQ Compressed Gas Cooling Medium
AAXR Compressor Cooling Medium
AAXS Prime Mover Cooling Medium
AAXX Mounting Type
AAXY Reciprocating Compressor Design
Single acting
AAXZ Cylinder Quantity
AAYA Cylinder Arrangement Style
Horizontally opposed design
AAYD Stage Quantity
AAYS Compressor Speed At Rated Capacity In Rpm
AAYT Intake Connection Quantity
AAYV Discharge Connection Quantity
AAYW Discharge Connection Type
Threaded female
AKDJ Prime Mover Type
Electric motor
BPRZ Safety Device Type
Relief valve
CSBH Voltage In Volts And Current Type
115.0 ac
CXNT Brake Power Required
0.333 horsepower
FAAZ Phase
FREQ Frequency In Hertz

Technical Definition

Compressor Unit, Reciprocating, also referenced with federal logistics item name code 29301 - An assembled unit consisting of a commonly mounted reciprocating compressor(s) and a prime mover(s). for items with additional equipment which extends the function of the unit beyond the delivery of compressed air or gas, see pneumatic tool and compressor outfit, or more specific names, as applicable. excludes auxiliary set, engine driven.
National Stock Number (NSN): 4310-00-004-1839

Last Modified: 10/11/2017