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NSN: 6220-00-001-1514
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Cross Reference

These part numbers have the same form, fit, and function of 457
Item Number Cage
3621893 86403
374248C1 89346
90221 81834
457 81834


Description: Light Lens
Mfr. Cage 81834


Technical Definition

Lens, Light, also referenced with federal logistics item name code 29939 - A transparent or translucent item designed to enclose or be placed in front of a light source. sections of the lens may be opaque. it may or may not include a holder. it is designed to be either a replacement unit for a specific type of light, such as light, indicator; light, navigational, marine; stop light, vehicular; and lantern, electric or that portion of a switch, (as modified) used as an actuator and having provisions for illumination. see also, window, lighting fixture; globe; electric light; and filter (2), (as modified).
National Stock Number (NSN): 6220-00-001-1514


Solicitation Description Qty UOM Close Date
SPE4A616T2401 Lens, Light 417 EA 10/22/2015

Last Modified: 10/15/2015