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NSN: 5995-00-001-7962
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466188-802 Cable Assembly, Printed, Flexible

466188-802 Flexible Printed Cable Assembly

Cage 37695

Technical Definition

Cable Assembly, Printed, Flexible, also referenced with federal logistics item name code 35612 - A definite continuous length of flat electrical cable consisting of two or more deposited, etched, or printed conductive paths laminated between insulating films and having one or more ends processed or terminated with facilities which provide for connection to other items. it may also provide facilities for connections to other items at locations other than the ends of the cable. for items with solid and/or stranded conductors, see cable (as modified); cable assembly (as modified); and wiring harness (as modified). for rigid items consisting only of electrical conductor paths and two or more connectors, see backplane assembly. see also printed circuit board and printed wiring board.

Technical Characteristics

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