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NSN: 2915-00-001-2627
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Part Numbers

Item Number Item Description
5015T24P11 Pump, Fuel, Jet Engine
9243A3 Pump, Fuel, Jet Engine

5015T24P11 Jet Engine Fuel Pump

Cage 11599

Technical Definition

Pump, Fuel, Jet Engine, also referenced with federal logistics item name code 32360 - A device specifically designed to deliver fuel to a jet engine. the device may be of single/multistage and positive/nonpositive displacement design. it mounts on a jet engine accessory drive case or on the fuel control and is driven by the engine. excludes all pumps not specifically designed to be used on a jet engine.

Technical Characteristics

For Use With/On (AGAV):
Aircraft engine j85-ge-21
General Characteristics Item Description (TEXT):
Main fuel pump model mfp-150-2
Reference Number Differentiating Characteristics (ZZZY):
As differentiated from source control no. 5015t24p11

National Stock Number (NSN)