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NSN: 1680-00-001-2144
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Part Numbers

Item Number Item Description
56-2416-2153 Pull Control Assembly, Push

56-2416-2153 Push-pull Control Assembly

Cage 92867

Technical Definition

Pull Control Assembly, Push, also referenced with federal logistics item name code 07468 - A control consisting of a wire, wire rope, or a center load rail with ball bearings, within a flexible conduit. one end must have a threaded sleeve for mounting to a wall, bulkhead, or handle, or clevis. it is used to operate or control, either manually or mechanically a mechanical device. it may include such attaching devices as nut(s), washer(s), clevis, bracket(s), and/or the like. for items designed to transmit rotary motion, see shaft assembly, flexible.

Technical Characteristics

Effective Length (ABNZ):
32.280 inches nominal
Core Diameter (AKMH):
0.094 inches nominal
Core Material (CZLR):
Core Processed End Connection Type (BCXR):
Adjustable threaded adapter
Core Construction (ACZR):
Wire rope
Travel Distance (BCYK):
1.000 inches nominal

National Stock Number (NSN)