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NSN: 5962-00-001-1910
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Part Numbers

Item Number Item Description
619128-11 Microcircuit, Memory
ROM/PROM FAMILY 058 Microcircuit, Memory

619128-11 Memory Microcircuit

Cage 16236

Technical Definition

Microcircuit, Memory, also referenced with federal logistics item name code 41015 - A circuit designed to store information and/or coded instructions for later use. item has pins or other connections to install in a computer or computing device. does not include magnetic drums, tapes, punched cards or the like. for items that have portable type connections see memory, portable, solid state.

Technical Characteristics

Body Height (ADAU):
0.040 inches nominal
Body Length (ADAQ):
0.260 inches maximum
Body Width (ADAT):
0.260 inches maximum
Features Provided (CBBL):
Monolithic and medium power and hermetically sealed
Maximum Power Dissipation Rating (AEHX):
450.0 milliwatts
Memory Device Type (CZER):
Diode matrix
Operating Temp Range (AFGA):
-55.0/+125.0 deg celsius
Output Logic Form (CQWX):
Current-mode logic
Inclosure Configuration (CQSZ):
Flat pack
Inclosure Material (CQSJ):
Ceramic and glass
Input Circuit Pattern (CQZP):
6 input
Storage Temp Range (AFJQ):
-65.0/+150.0 deg celsius
Terminal Type And Quantity (TTQY):
14 flat leads
Terminal Surface Treatment (CWSG):
Test Data Document (TEST):
37695-619128 drawing (this is the basic governing drawing, such as a contractor drawing, original equipment manufacturer drawing, etc.; excludes any specification, standard or other document that may be referenced in a basic governing drawing)
Time Rating Per Chacteristic (CZEQ):
20.00 nanoseconds maximum propagation delay time, low to high level output
Voltage Rating And Type Per Characteristic (CZEN):
60.0 volts maximum power source

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