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NSN: 6150-00-001-5395
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Part Numbers

Item Number Item Description
659146 Wiring Harness

659146 Wiring Harness

Cage 05234

Technical Definition

Wiring Harness, also referenced with federal logistics item name code 00450 - An item consisting of two or more individually insulated conductors (solid, stranded, or tinsel) of a definite length, with or without shielding, held together by lacing cord, metal bands, or similar type binding. the individual conductors are usually identified by color, or by alphabetic or numeric codes or symbols. the item may include fittings which provide for connection to other items. excludes items which are branched, forked, jacketed, sleeved, or contained in a common covering. also excludes cable assembly (as modified); harness, electrical equipment; lead assembly, electrical; and wiring harness, branched.

Technical Characteristics

Binding Method (AMEM):
Metal bands
Conductor Quantity (AMQN):
Termination Type (AKRZ):
Connector 1st end first conductor
Termination Type (AKRZ):
Connector 2nd end first conductor

National Stock Number (NSN)