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NSN: 5895-00-003-1558
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Part Numbers

Item Number Item Description
955201-3 Decoder, Command Signals
714PF7002-02 Decoder, Command Signals
A51A9137-3 Decoder, Command Signals
KY695AWG15 Decoder, Command Signals

714PF7002-02 Command Signals Decoder

Cage 80058

Technical Definition

Decoder, Command Signals, also referenced with federal logistics item name code 60377 - A component which converts coded impulses into electronic command signals, in accordance with a predetermined combination.

Technical Characteristics

FSC Application Data (ZZZV):
F-14a acf fire control system
Reference Number Differentiating Characteristics (ZZZY):
As differentiated by the source control dwg no.
Special Features (FEAT):
28vdc;8.000 in.lg,4.000 in.w,2.500 in.h;salt spray,humidity,fungus,sand and dust resistant;decodes 5 freq on 2 redundant channels;input to f-14a weapon firing squibs

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