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NSN: 5925-00-001-3838
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Part Numbers

Item Number Item Description
7MC43-4-0.250 Circuit Breaker

Master Requirement Codes

Code Translation
CPRW Denotes the action imparted by actuator operation.
CPRX An indication of the designated position of the actuator.
ADAQ A measurement of the longest dimension of the body, in distinction from width.
AAQL The style designation indicating the configuration that most nearly corresponds to the appearance of the body.
ADAT A measurement taken at right angles to the length of the body, in distinction from thickness.
ABXD A measurement of the longest dimension of a bushing, in distinction from width.
ADTV The element, compound, or mixture of which the case is fabricated, excluding any surface treatment.
AEBP The center to center distance between terminals parallel to the length of the item.
CPRH Indicates the type of electrical condition that will cause the device to trip.
CPLM The maximum current load that each pole is rated to carry continuously.
CPRG Indicates the type and value of the maximum short circuit current that the item will successfully interrupt, per pole, at the specified rated voltage, expressed in amperes.
AXHR Indicates the type and number of facilities by which the item is mounted.
CQJX A designation that is used for the purpose of general identification of the thread.
CPRF Indicates the type and value of operating voltage for which each pole is designed to operate, expressed in volts.
CQXF Indicates the type of protection for which the inclosure is designed.
CPSM The basic internal electrical configuration of the trip mechanism.
CPRR Indicates the type of mechanism provided for tripping main contacts.
CPRT Indicates the type and number of actuators provided for manual control.
CPRQ The means provided to reposition the mechanism so that the device is ready to function.
AKPX The number of poles included in the item.
BBRG Indicates the type of storage space required for an item in order to provide the degree of protection necessary to maintain serviceability standards.
TTQY Indicates the type and number of terminals for providing electrical connection.
CMLP The number of threads on the item per linear inch measured on a line parallel to the thread axis.
THSD A designation distinguishing one group of thread diameter-pitch combinations from another by the number of threads per measurement scale for a specific diameter.
CQWN The length of time, expressed in seconds, that an overload may exist before the device will trip at a specified continuous current.
CPRL Denotes the type of trip release action.
CPRJ The means by which the trip mechanism is released.
CPRN The continuous current rating per pole at which the device must trip in a specified time, expressed in percent.

7MC43-4-0.250 Circuit Breaker

Cage 82647

Technical Definition

Circuit Breaker, also referenced with federal logistics item name code 00136 - A device with means other than fuses for automatically opening the circuit in which it is installed when the current varies from the predetermined value for which the device is set. may include provisions for manual operation. at least one set of contacts must be in series with the actuating element(s). a combination of semiconductor and passive devices may be used in lieu of contacts. for automatically operated items in which the actuating (tripping) element and contacts are not in series, see relay (as modified). for items which are operated both manually and automatically but the actuating elements and contact are not in series, see relay-switch. excludes circuit breaker box and magneto "breaker" assemblies. see also switch (as modified); and controller.

Technical Characteristics

Actuator Function (CPRW):
Actuator Position Designation (CPRX):
At pole one
Body Length (ADAQ):
1.781 inches nominal
Body Style (AAQL):
Single pole type
Body Width (ADAT):
0.656 inches nominal
Bushing Length (ABXD):
0.250 inches nominal
Case Material (ADTV):
Center To Center Distance Between Terminals Parallel To Length (AEBP):
1.341 inches nominal
Circuit Protection Type (CPRH):
Overcurrent single location
Maximum Continuous Load Current Rating Per Pole (CPLM):
250.0 milliamperes dc single location
Maximum Interrupting Capacity Current Type And Rating Per Pole In Amps (CPRG):
2500.0 dc single location
Mounting Facility Type And Quantity (AXHR):
1 threaded bushing
Mounting Surface To Terminal End Distance (AJWX):
1.669 inches nominal
Nominal Thread Size (CQJX):
0.469 inches
Operating Voltage Type And Rating Per Pole In Volts (CPRF):
32.0 dc single location
Inclosure Protection Type For Which Designed (CQXF):
Corrosion resistant and fungus resistant
Internal Trip Release Configuration (CPSM):
Series trip single location
Main Contact Tripping Mechanism Type (CPRR):
Trip free
Manual Actuator Type And Quantity (CPRT):
1 push-pull
Reset Method (CPRQ):
Pole Quantity (AKPX):
Storage Type (BBRG):
General purpose warehouse
Terminal Type And Quantity (TTQY):
2 screw
Thread Quantity Per Inch (CMLP):
Thread Series Designator (THSD):
Trip Delay Time In Seconds Per Rated Continuous Current (CQWN):
0.150 minimum at 200 pct single location and 2.000 maximum at 200 pct single location and 0.025 minimum at 300 pct single location and 0.350 maximum at 300 pct single location
Trip Release Characteristic (CPRL):
Time delay single location
Trip Release Method (CPRJ):
Magnetic single location
Ultimate Trip Rating Of Continuous Current Rating Per Pole In Percent (CPRN):
135.0 single location

National Stock Number (NSN)