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NSN: 4820-00-001-0010
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Part Numbers

Item Number Item Description
8171E-1/4HS2 Valve, Rotary, Selector
D10004-42 Valve, Rotary, Selector
8171B1-4HS2 Valve, Rotary, Selector

Master Requirement Codes

Code Translation
CQRG The chemical compound or mechanical mixture properties of which the body is fabricated.
BGRY Indicates the connection location.
ASMM The number of connections furnished.
AWLS Indicates the type of connection/s/.
CBBL Those features, not otherwise specified, which may be required for proper functioning of the item.
ADQU The part that controls the flow through the item.
CCZS Indicates the type of flow provided.
CQCJ The maximum pressure at which an item is rated to operate for each type of service with which an item may be used.
CRWH A rating which expresses the degree of heat or cold as applied to the operation, or limitation of operation, for each type of service with which an item may be used.
AZGM The facility for mounting the item.
CQJX A designation that is used for the purpose of general identification of the thread.
FEAT Those unusual or unique characteristics or qualities of an item not covered in the other requirements and which are determined to be essential for identification.
THSD A designation distinguishing one group of thread diameter-pitch combinations from another by the number of threads per measurement scale for a specific diameter.
AQLR The means used to control the operation of the valve.
CCFG Designates the size of the valve.

8171B1-4HS2 Selector Rotary Valve

Cage 86768

Technical Definition

Valve, Rotary, Selector, also referenced with federal logistics item name code 45485 - A manually or power operated valve designed to control the flow of a fluid by the rotation of a ported or curved rotor. a spring, ball, or cam detent may be included to locate or hold position. the item may be panel or subplate mounted, or be an inline design. excludes valve, plug. see also valve, linear, directional control.

Technical Characteristics

Body Material (CQRG):
Steel corrosion resisting
Connection Location (BGRY):
Connection Quantity (ASMM):
Connection Type (AWLS):
Threaded internal pipe
Features Provided (CBBL):
Closed center
Flow Control Device (ADQU):
Ported rotor
Flow Type (CCZS):
Maximum Operating Pressure And Media For Which Designed (CQCJ):
6000.0 pounds per square inch oil, hydraulic
Maximum Operating Temp And Media For Which Designed (CRWH):
160.0 deg fahrenheit oil, hydraulic
Mounting Facility (AZGM):
Nominal Thread Size (CQJX):
0.250 inches
Special Features (FEAT):
Manipulator; buna-n o-ring
Thread Series Designator (THSD):
Valve Operation Method (AQLR):
Valve Size (CCFG):
0.250 inches

National Stock Number (NSN)