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Item Number Cage
8739374 19207


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Technical Definition

Side Rack, Vehicle Body, also referenced with federal logistics item name code 17238 - An item, either solid or lattice type, having one or more horizontal cross members of wood and/or metal which may be attached to vertical stakes of frame of wood and/or metal. it may have interlocking side fasteners, and it may have a hinge mount pivoting feature. the item is used in end and/or side positions to retain cargo in trucks, trailers, semitrailers, tracked vehicles, and the like. it may be used as a push bar.

Q & A

Part number 8739374
What are the historical prices for part number 8739374?
No pre-dated pricing for this NSN could be found.
Does this part number 8739374 have a shelf life?
No. There is no shelf life applicable for this part.
Does this part number 8739374 require Demilitarization?
Non-usml/non-ccli - no demil or dod tsc required. department of commerce may impose licensing requirements to certain destinations. (note 9).
Is part number 8739374 ITAR controlled?
No. This item is not ITAR Controlled.
What is the NSN for part number 8739374?
Who are the manufacturers of 8739374 and NSN 2510-00-074-2762?
  • U S Army Tank Automotive Command (CAGE 19207)


Description: Vehicle Body Side Rack
Part Number 8739374 8739374


Length: 43-7/8"

ABHP Overall Length
43.875 inches
ABKW Overall Height
53.312 inches
APGF Design Type
AXGY Mounting Method
Stake pocket
BCDR Cross Member Quantity
BCYR Vehicle For Which Designed
Stake semitrailer
BJSD Frame
Not included
BRSH Troop Seat
Not included
BSBT Cross Member Material
BSBW Stakes
BSBX Mounting End Size
7/8 in. by 2-37/64 in.
BSBY Interlocking Side Fastener
BXNP Center To Center Distance Between Stakes
30.875 inches
MATL Material
NMBR Quantity
National Stock Number (NSN): 2510-00-074-2762