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NSN: 4310-00-005-7482
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A48C18 Reed Strip, Valve

Master Requirement Codes

Code Translation
TEXT A recording of the physical, functional, and performance characteristics for an item of supply.

A48C18 Valve Reed Strip

Cage 0AT62

Technical Definition

Reed Strip, Valve, also referenced with federal logistics item name code 37332 - A singular or multiple flexible finger type bi-metal strip designed to be used in conjunction with a valve reed.

Technical Characteristics

General Characteristics Item Description (TEXT):
Cres 303; 5.625 in. od; 0.062 in. thk; 6 slots evenly spaced and parallel to one another; 2 slots 3.250 in. lg; 2 slots 1.125 in. lg; 2 slots 4.062 in. lg; all slots are 0.312 in. wide

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