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NSN: 3040-00-001-1717
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Part Numbers

Item Number Item Description
A51C22502-3 Bell Crank

A51C22502-3 Bell Crank

Cage 61174

Technical Definition

Bell Crank, also referenced with federal logistics item name code 22321 - An item in the form of two arms at an angle, having its fulcrum at the apex of the angle, and used to provide a means of changing the direction or varying the intensity of a pushing or pulling force. see also arm (as modified); and lever (as modified).

Technical Characteristics

Bore Diameter (ABXV):
0.748 inches minimum and 0.749 inches maximum
Bore Length (ADGE):
1.250 inches minimum and 1.260 inches maximum
Features Provided (CBBL):
Bearing and fulcrum bore
Material (MATT):
Aluminum alloy
Special Features (FEAT):
Fsc app data: aircraft control stick
Surface Treatment (SFTT):

National Stock Number (NSN)