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NSN: 2815-00-005-7434
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Cross Reference These part numbers have the same form, fit, and function of ar40039

Item Number Cage
AR40039 15434

Characteristic Codes AR40039 spec. code meanings

Code Translation
TEXT A recording of the physical, functional, and performance characteristics for an item of supply.

AR40039 Fuel Injector Assembly

Mfr. Cage 15434


TEXT General Characteristics Item Description
Steel;7.500 in.h,1.492 in.od;four injection holes

Technical Definition

Injector Assembly, Fuel, also referenced with federal logistics item name code 36605 - An item consisting of springs, o-rings, plungers and miscellaneous internal and external parts that provide atomized fuel at specific pressure(s) to engine combustion chambers. it may include nozzle, fuel injection.
National Stock Number (NSN) 2815-00-005-7434

Last Modified: 02/08/2017