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NSN: 3010-00-003-8784
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Cross Reference

These part numbers have the same form, fit, and function of d51-8851-0
Item Number Cage
D51-8851-0 5G804
230-0589-010 13499

Characteristic Codes

D51-8851-0 spec. code meanings
Code Translation
ACDC Indicates the type of current whether alternating, direct, or both.
AJLA The number of teeth included on the item.
AKAE The maximum altitude at which the item is rated to function.
AKCT The direction of rotation of a rotating shaft as viewed from the drive end.
AKCT The direction of rotation of a rotating shaft as viewed from the drive end.
AKPS The working period under which the item was designed to operate.
ANPZ An indication of the feature/s/ of the inclosure.
AXHR Indicates the type and number of facilities by which the item is mounted.
BKPB The means by which the current is rated.
BKPH Indicates the torque rating, and its type.
CBBL Those features, not otherwise specified, which may be required for proper functioning of the item.
CNXS The amount of electrical energy that can be dissipated.
CWDY The temperature at which the item is designed to operate.
CWGL The amount of current for which an item is rated, expressed in amperes.
FAAZ The number of alternating current phases.
FREQ The cycles per second /hertz/ of the alternating current.
TTQY Indicates the type and number of terminals for providing electrical connection.


Description: Gearcase-motor
Mfr. Cage 13499


ACDC Current Type
Ac input
AJLA Teeth Quantity
15 single end
AKAE Maximum Operating Altitude Rating
5000.0 feet
AKCT Shaft Rotation Direction
Clockwise single end or counterclockwise single end
AKCT Shaft Rotation Direction
Clockwise or counterclockwise single end
AKPS Duty Cycle
ANPZ Inclosure Feature
Totally inclosed
AXHR Mounting Facility Type And Quantity
4 unthreaded hole
BKPB Current Rating Method
BKPH Torque Rating And Type
40.0 foot-pounds running and 40.0 foot-pounds starting
CBBL Features Provided
Thermal protective device
CNXS Power Rating
0.0666 horsepower output
CWDY Temp Rating
35.0 ambient deg celsius
CWGL Current Rating In Amps
0.220 single output
FAAZ Phase
Three input
FREQ Frequency In Hertz
60.0 input
TTQY Terminal Type And Quantity
4 wire lead

Technical Definition

Motor Gearcase, also referenced with federal logistics item name code 01102 - An item whose prime motion is produced by an electric motor driving through a geared mechanism which establishes the speed, direction and type of motion produced. the gearing may be integrally housed with the motor or coupled to a separately housed motor. for units with gearing mechanisms having a variable input/output ratio, manually or automatically selected, see motor-transmission.
National Stock Number (NSN): 3010-00-003-8784

Last Modified: 10/11/2017