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NSN: 5310-00-001-4694
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Part Numbers

Item Number Item Description
FF-N-836E Nut, Plain, Slotted, Hexagon

Master Requirement Codes

Code Translation
CRTM Indicates the type of bearing surface.
CXCY The name assigned to the item by the government agency or commercial organization controlling the design of the item.
ASDB The shortest straight line between flats, perpendicular to the height.

FF-N-836E Plain Slotted Hexagon Nut

Cage 81348

Technical Definition

Nut, Plain, Slotted, Hexagon, also referenced with federal logistics item name code 01859 - A nut having a flat bearing surface and 6 flat sides with slots in its upper portion. it is designed to provide positive locking when used with a solid or split (cotter) pin. excludes nut (1), plain, castellated, hexagon.

Technical Characteristics

Bearing Surface Type (CRTM):
Chamfered or washer faced
Nut Height (ADEA):
0.617 inches minimum and 0.665 inches maximum
Part Name Assigned By Controlling Agency (CXCY):
Width Across Flats (ASDB):
1.088 inches minimum and 1.125 inches maximum

National Stock Number (NSN)