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Cross Reference

These part numbers have the same form, fit, and function as fluke 87iii
Item Number Cage
FLUKE 87-5 89536
33S009050 027CB
284-2216 K2504
SC-670075-1 U2290
992106030 A6719
8024B 89536
FLUKE-87 89536
FLUKE 87-3 89536
FLUKE 87-V 89536
421-0810 A486G
87-5 89536
FLK 87-3 89536
FLUKE 87III 89536

Technical Definition

Multimeter, also referenced with federal logistics item name code 00794 - An instrument which is arranged to measure two or more different electrical quantities (such as volts, amps, and ohms) by means of associated circuits and switches. the value is usually expressed on a single calibrated dial or digital readout display. for items which are connected into a circuit and used chiefly to visually monitor an operation, see meter, multiple scale. see also counter, electronic, digital readout. excludes bridge (as modified).

Q & A

Part number FLUKE+87III
What are the historical prices for part number FLUKE+87III?
No pre-dated pricing for this NSN could be found.
Does this part number FLUKE+87III have a shelf life?
No. There is no shelf life applicable for this part.
Does this part number FLUKE+87III require Demilitarization?
Non-usml/non-ccli - no demil or dod tsc required. department of commerce may impose licensing requirements to certain destinations. (note 9).
Is part number FLUKE+87III ITAR controlled?
No. This item is not ITAR Controlled.
What is the NSN for part number FLUKE+87III?
Who are the manufacturers of FLUKE+87III and NSN 6625-01-131-8586?
  • Fluke Corporation (CAGE 89536)
  • Suyfa Defence Sl (CAGE 027CB)
  • Rs Components Limited (CAGE K2504)
  • Bae Systems Integrated System (CAGE U2290)
  • Thales Italia S. P. A. (CAGE A6719)
  • Paaesikunta Logistiikkaosasto (CAGE A486G)


Description: Multimeter


Length: 7-3/32", plastic visual and audible continuity; peak-hold; level detection; conductance; diode test

AACT Circuit Current For Which Designed
ABFY Overall Depth
1.800 inches
ABHP Overall Length
7.100 inches
ABMK Overall Width
3.400 inches
ADZC Environmental Protection
Cold resistant and heat resistant and shock resistant and vibration resistant and water resistant
AKYN Furnished Items And Quantity
Manual 1; test lead 2; 9 v btry 1; oper card 1; fuse 1; cal certificate 1
AMKD Indicator Type
Digital display
AMQY Installation Design
Hand held
ANSY Frequency Response Range
+48.000/+450.000 hertz
AQFY Background Color
Gray single indicator all ranges
AWZJ Power Source
BFQN Display Type
Liquid crystal
BFQP Display Digit Quantity
BHMW Measurement Range
+0.0/+1000.0 volts, dc single indicator 16th range
BHMW Measurement Range
+0.0/+750.0 volts, ac single indicator 14th range
BLSB Scale Selection Method
Switch and terminal
CBBL Features Provided
Electrical overload protection and internal battery accommodation and portable and warning feature
CRTL Criticality Code Justification
CTPT Accuracy Rating
Poam 5.0 pct of reading plus 5 digits single indicator 9th range
CTPT Accuracy Rating
Porm 5.0 pct of reading plus 5 digits single indicator 12th range
CTQH Display Color
Black single indicator all ranges
CTTD Circuit Attachment Method And Quantity
3 wire lead
CTWN Operating Voltage Rating In Volts
9.0 dc
FEAT Special Features
Critical appl-trans;radar set,an/tps-32; tac air opn cntl,an/tyq-2
MATT Material
NHCF Nuclear Hardness Critical Feature
STYL Style Designator
SUCB Unit Of Issue Cube
0.025 cubic feet
SUPP Supplementary Features
Visual and audible continuity; peak-hold; level detection; conductance; diode test
ZZZV Fsc Application Data
Test set,elect. equip.
National Stock Number (NSN): 6625-01-131-8586


Solicitation Description Qty UOM Close Date
SPE7M219T2836 Multimeter 275 EA 04/01/2019
SPE7M219T2374 Multimeter 40 EA 03/04/2019