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NSN: 4920-00-001-2127
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Cross Reference

These part numbers have the same form, fit, and function of gg2479t1
Item Number Cage
GG2479T1 94580

Characteristic Codes

GG2479T1 spec. code meanings
Code Translation
AGAV The national stock number or the identification information of the end equipment for which the item is a part.
CXCY The name assigned to the item by the government agency or commercial organization controlling the design of the item.
RDAL Literature and references available for information pertaining to the item.


Description: Gyro Adapter Plate
Mfr. Cage 94580


AGAV For Use With/on
Rate gyroscope transmitter gg2479aa01
CXCY Part Description
Plate, adapter, gyro
RDAL Reference Data And Literature
To 5f10-4-5-44

Technical Definition

Plate, Adapter, Gyro, also referenced with federal logistics item name code
National Stock Number (NSN): 4920-00-001-2127

Last Modified: 10/11/2017