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NSN: 5962-00-001-3105
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Part Numbers

Item Number Item Description
709HC Microcircuit, Linear
LM709CH Microcircuit, Linear
SL6504 Microcircuit, Linear
SL21434 Microcircuit, Linear
1820-0058 Microcircuit, Linear
1820-0061 Microcircuit, Linear
LM709CHA Microcircuit, Linear

LM709CH Linear Microcircuit

Cage C7191

Technical Definition

Microcircuit, Linear, also referenced with federal logistics item name code 31778 - A microcircuit whose output is a function of the input; that is, the output varies in a predetermined and essentially predictable manner from the input signal.

Technical Characteristics

Body Height (ADAU):
0.165 inches minimum and 0.185 inches maximum
Body Outside Diameter (ADAR):
0.335 inches minimum and 0.370 inches maximum
Case Outline Source And Designator (CTFT):
T0-99 joint electron device engineering council
Design Function And Quantity (CSSL):
1 amplifier, operational, general purpose
Features Provided (CBBL):
Monolithic and hermetically sealed and negative outputs and positive outputs and high gain and externally compensated
Maximum Power Dissipation Rating (AEHX):
250.0 milliwatts
Operating Temp Range (AFGA):
+0.0/+70.0 deg celsius
Inclosure Configuration (CQSZ):
Inclosure Material (CQSJ):
Glass and metal
Input Circuit Pattern (CQZP):
4 input
Precious Material And Location (PMLC):
Terminals gold
Precious Material (PRMT):
Storage Temp Range (AFJQ):
-65.0/+150.0 deg celsius
Terminal Surface Treatment (CWSG):
Terminal Type And Quantity (TTQY):
8 pin
Time Rating Per Chacteristic (CZEQ):
1000.00 nanoseconds maximum propagation delay time, low to high level output
Voltage Rating And Type Per Characteristic (CZEN):
10.0 volts maximum power source

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