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NSN: 5920-00-004-0274
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Part Numbers

Item Number Item Description
264-0964-080 Fuse, Cartridge
275001 Fuse, Cartridge
2213-007 Fuse, Cartridge
G613001-3 Fuse, Cartridge
FM04A125V 1A Fuse, Cartridge
MIL-PRF-23419/4 Fuse, Cartridge
277-001 Fuse, Cartridge
2751.0 Fuse, Cartridge
888273 Fuse, Cartridge
FM04-1A Fuse, Cartridge
FM04125V1A Fuse, Cartridge
518/4/91020/001 Fuse, Cartridge
10056554 Fuse, Cartridge

Master Requirement Codes

Code Translation
AAQL The style designation indicating the configuration that most nearly corresponds to the appearance of the body.
ADTV The element, compound, or mixture of which the case is fabricated, excluding any surface treatment.
AFXF Indicates the type of over-current conditions that an item is designed to withstand indicated by the speed of circuit interruption.
AEBJ The maximum direct current, or root mean square current at rated frequency, that an item will carry continuously.
CBBL Those features, not otherwise specified, which may be required for proper functioning of the item.
AFXE The maximum voltage rating at which the item is designed to operate in an alternating current and/or direct current circuit, expressed in volts.
ADAV A measurement of the longest straight line across a circular cross-sectional plane.
ABHP The dimension measured along the longitudinal axis with terminated points at the extreme ends of the item.
AFJN The measure of sensitivity of the item to be packaged. a factor used by packaging engineers in devising proper cushioning in a package.
ABDM The element, compound, or mixture of which the terminal is fabricated.
AFXH The means in which the item signals the interruption of a circuit.
CSQN The maximum rated current at which the item will interrupt or short circuit, expressed in amperes.
FEAT Those unusual or unique characteristics or qualities of an item not covered in the other requirements and which are determined to be essential for identification.
ZZZK The document designator of the specification or standard which established the item of supply.
AEBT The length of a straight line which passes through the center of a terminal, and terminates at the circumference.
ABJT A measurement of the longest dimension of a terminal, in distinction from width.
ABDN Consists of plating, dip, and/or coating that cannot be wiped off. plating and/or coating is any chemical and/or metallic additive, electrochemical, or mild mechanical process which protects a terminal surface.
TEST The specification, standard, drawing, or similar instrument that specifies environmental and performance requirements or test conditions under which an item is tested and establishes acceptable limits within which the item must conform identified by an alphabetic and/or numeric reference number. includes the commercial and government entity (cage) code of the entity controlling the instrument.

MIL-PRF-234194 Cartridge Fuse

Cage A486G

Technical Definition

Fuse, Cartridge, also referenced with federal logistics item name code 00248 - A fuse in which the element is inclosed in a cylindrical body. the element may be renewable. the terminals may be of varying types. it may contain a visual indication that the fusible element is severed, and may also provide an audible alarm through auxiliary circuitry. for noncylindrical items, see fuse, inclosed link.

Technical Characteristics

Body Style (AAQL):
Pigtail type
Case Material (ADTV):
Circuit Over-current Interruption Type (AFXF):
Normal instantaneous
Continuous Current Rating In Amps (AEBJ):
Features Provided (CBBL):
Nonrenewable fusible element
Maximum Voltage Rating In Volts (AFXE):
125.0 ac and 125.0 dc
Overall Diameter (ADAV):
0.093 inches nominal
Overall Length (ABHP):
0.281 inches nominal
Fragility Factor (AFJN):
Moderately rugged
Terminal Material (ABDM):
Interruption Indicator Method (AFXH):
Opaque body
Short-circuit/interrupt Current Rating In Amps (CSQN):
Special Features (FEAT):
Item supplied with insulating sleeve
Specification/standard Data (ZZZK):
81349-mil-f-23419/4 government specification
Terminal Diameter (AEBT):
0.025 inches nominal
Terminal Length (ABJT):
1.500 inches nominal
Terminal Surface Treatment (ABDN):
Solder dip
Test Data Document (TEST):
81349-mil-f-23419 specification (includes engineering type bulletins, brochures,etc., that reflect specification type data in specification format; excludes commercial catalogs, industry directories, and similar trade publications, reflecting general type data on certain environmental and performance requirements and test conditions that are shown as "typical", "average", "nominal", etc.).

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