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NSN: 5895-00-003-2212
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Part Numbers

Item Number Item Description
347131-1 Communication System Control Gro
OK-235/T Communication System Control Gro

OK-235T Communication System Control Gro

Cage 80058

Technical Definition

Communication System Control Gro, also referenced with federal logistics item name code 60235 - A group, for the individual and collective control of the mode of operation of the components of a communication system.

Technical Characteristics

For Use With/On (AGAV):
Functional Description (FTLD):
Provides radar displays,uhf,bhf,hf/ssb,microwave remoting and landline communications enabling operators to perform simultananeous area surveillance and precision final approach landing direction for terminal atc. operates from a 30kw 120/208v 3phase 4-wire 50,60 or 400hz power source. outputs consist of crt radar displays,communications and command data to controllers and voice communications w/controlled acft
Special Features (FEAT):
C/o air conditioner(a/e32c-17)antenna(at-1011/4)2 antenna assys(as-2673/t)antenna group(oe-125(v)3/t)air traffic control console(oj-295/t)control-indicator group(ok-232/t)control-indicator group(ok-230/t)control-indicator group(ok-233/t)3 control-indicator groups(ok-240/t)headset-microphone(h-157/aic)wind direction-speed indicator group(od-89/t)radio signal distribution panel(sb-3552/t)power supply(pp-6873/t)indicator data processor(cp-1047/t)radar data transfer group(ow-51(v)/t)radar data transfer group(ow-51(v)/t)2 r/t groups(or-119/t)r/t group(or-122/t)electrical equip shelter(s-522/t),uses 4-wheel dolly type xm-720,highly transportable designed for rapid set-up;cognizant service:air force

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